Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Triple Nipple Sandwich

I'm sorry about the title. You can blame my imaginative son for that one.

My son wanted to pack a lunch for school today, so last night he began to make his lunch all by himself. I let him be in the kitchen while Jamin and I caught up on The Office from last week.

He called out a few moments later "look at my sandwich. I call it the triple nipple sandwich!" Jamin and I giggled a bit and glanced over there. I decided to go see what he had made. I'm glad I did this. His sandwich consisted of two slices of raw bacon, dry bread, a leaf of lettuce and some strawberries, sliced perfectly.

He was so proud of his "triple nipple sandwich" I just hated to burst his bubble and throw it away, but I couldn't let him eat raw bacon, seriously. I explained to him how it would have been a wonderful sandwich had he cooked the bacon, he seemed to understand this. I then got him out some roast beef and cheese, mayo and the fix-in's and watched him make a more appropriate sandwich.

I'm just thankful I went over and examined his sandwich! Could you imagine what his teacher would have thought seeing raw bacon on bread. She would have called CPS for sure.
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