Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Boy

He is as exhausting as he is funny, as ornery as he is entertaining, he is my only boy and he is turning eight today.  

I can't believe how the years fly by.  I can remember back to when I was pregnant with him.  He did somersaults in my tummy ALL THE TIME.  This obviously was quite the indication on how he was going to be.

He is so smart, and so strange, and so funny.  He loves Star Wars, Super Heros, and GI Joe.  He loves to draw pictures and read comic books.  He loves video games and anything to do with movies.  He has this genius creative mind, that I don't completely understand yet.  I think he will be a movie director when he grows up.  When he gets his mind set on something he just won't let it go.   He is persistent.

He has a short fuse but a big heart.  There is no end to how much this kid can love.  He has a tough exterior, but is full of compassion.  He argues endlessly with his sisters, but they are truly his best friends and would do anything for them.

He loves to laugh.  He has this wonderful giggle and when he laughs his eyes squint to almost closed.  He has sandy blonde hair and big blue eyes.  He is short and it doesn't bother him one bit, because what he lacks in height he makes up for in strength. 

He is a fantastic reader, but hates math.  He loves science and animals but he can't keep a pet to save his life.  His track record for small animals is two days max.  He HATES homework.

He doesn't care about what others think is cool, or what everyone else is doing.  He is a leader, not a follower and you won't convince him to do anything he doesn't want to do.

He is my boy, and I love him more than words can describe.  I'm so thankful God has given me the honor of raising him. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Old Lady

I realized tonight that I'm quickly am turning into an old lady.  I realized this as I was taking my CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT.

Here are some of the other reasons that hit me...

I'm starting to see the merit of supporting undergarments (Spanx, control top pantyhose, the 24 hour bra...)
I now use Oil of Olay
I wear age defying foundation
I enjoy eating at Luby's
I not only enjoy eating at Luby's I want to make it there before the "evening rush"
I LOVE to play Bingo, so much in fact I would go to a Bingo night if invited
I honestly think I may need two pairs of glasses or bi-focals
I don't like to drive at night, because I have poor night vision
I need a good daily dose of fiber to keep me, um, well, you know..."regular"
I have Icy Hot and Ben Gay in my medicine cabinet

and, like I said before, I'm taking Calcium supplements to avoid loosing bone loss because nursing (according to my OB) givess you "pre-menopausal" symptoms.  At least now I know why I have all these dang hot flashes.

Oh, and the icing on the cake that made me feel about a hundred years old.  My daughter and I were shopping the other day, and she was starting to act strange while I was pointing out clothes to her and she whispered "mom, stop." and rolled her eyes.  I said "WHAT?"  She replied with "mom you are embarrassing me, talking all loud and also your bra is showing."

Wonderful, and so it begins.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cute Things

My friend Carolyn has the cutest blog called The Daily Lily.  It was basically her way of documenting all the funny things that her daughter says so she won't forget them.  Great idea, that I may steal from her someday, but for now since I all ready have a blog, I thought that I would write some of the things down that Evie is doing that I don't want to forget.  They are so precious at this age, I just don't want to forget a moment of it.

The other day we were at Hobby Lobby looking at fabric.  Evie was wearing her cute little green sun-dress with her pink cowboy boots (which everyone kept commenting on how much they LOVED her boots).  Evie recognized the same material that Grandma used to make her diaper bag.  She picked it up and said "OOOH!  Evie's bag!" she then hugged the material and said "Oh I LOVE it."

Last week I was scolding her and I shouted her full name "EVANGELINE NO!".  She turned around and gave me a dirty scowl and said "I EVIE, not EBANGEL.  I EVIE!".  She was SO mad at me it was just adorable.

When you ask her a question she does not reply "yes".  She said "uh huh".  I can't even explain HOW she says it but it is hilarious to hear.

The way she says "Grandma" sounds like g-maw.  It is so cute.

Her latest thing is "I scared".  If she doesn't want to do something she says "I scared."  For example:

Me:  Evie it's time for a nap
Her:  I scarrrred....

It is the middle of the day with the blinds half open.  Dear God help me....

Also she has a new thing with food.  If she doesn't want to eat it it is too spicy (sp-eye-ceeeee).  I gave her a cookie the other day.  "It too spiceee" she says.

Yesterday she told me "I ate bubbles."  This was right after breakfast.  I said "you ate bubbles?  Do you mean you ate breakfast?"  She said "yes, breakfast," as if I didn't catch it the first time.

She is so sweet, so funny, and SUCH a two year old.  One minute she has me giggling and the next she has me ready to pull my hair out.  She has all ready begun to terrorize her little sister, pinching, poking, biting etc...but then she will melt my heart when she says "HI DUCY!  Awww...Ducy so cute!" and give her kisses.  Ah, the roller coaster ride it is.  I wouldn't trade it for anything though.
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