Monday, October 5, 2009

Cute Things

My friend Carolyn has the cutest blog called The Daily Lily.  It was basically her way of documenting all the funny things that her daughter says so she won't forget them.  Great idea, that I may steal from her someday, but for now since I all ready have a blog, I thought that I would write some of the things down that Evie is doing that I don't want to forget.  They are so precious at this age, I just don't want to forget a moment of it.

The other day we were at Hobby Lobby looking at fabric.  Evie was wearing her cute little green sun-dress with her pink cowboy boots (which everyone kept commenting on how much they LOVED her boots).  Evie recognized the same material that Grandma used to make her diaper bag.  She picked it up and said "OOOH!  Evie's bag!" she then hugged the material and said "Oh I LOVE it."

Last week I was scolding her and I shouted her full name "EVANGELINE NO!".  She turned around and gave me a dirty scowl and said "I EVIE, not EBANGEL.  I EVIE!".  She was SO mad at me it was just adorable.

When you ask her a question she does not reply "yes".  She said "uh huh".  I can't even explain HOW she says it but it is hilarious to hear.

The way she says "Grandma" sounds like g-maw.  It is so cute.

Her latest thing is "I scared".  If she doesn't want to do something she says "I scared."  For example:

Me:  Evie it's time for a nap
Her:  I scarrrred....

It is the middle of the day with the blinds half open.  Dear God help me....

Also she has a new thing with food.  If she doesn't want to eat it it is too spicy (sp-eye-ceeeee).  I gave her a cookie the other day.  "It too spiceee" she says.

Yesterday she told me "I ate bubbles."  This was right after breakfast.  I said "you ate bubbles?  Do you mean you ate breakfast?"  She said "yes, breakfast," as if I didn't catch it the first time.

She is so sweet, so funny, and SUCH a two year old.  One minute she has me giggling and the next she has me ready to pull my hair out.  She has all ready begun to terrorize her little sister, pinching, poking, biting etc...but then she will melt my heart when she says "HI DUCY!  Awww...Ducy so cute!" and give her kisses.  Ah, the roller coaster ride it is.  I wouldn't trade it for anything though.

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