Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol - Motown Week

Here is my recap on Motown week on AI, which was last night.  I still HATE the judges entrance.  I think it's cheesy, and I have no clue who in the heck dressed Paula.  She looked like she should be on the top of a little girls jewelry box.  That dress was just heinous.  Also every week she gets nuttier and nuttier.  Paula is definitely going off the rails of a crazy train.  I hope they ditch her next year but keep Kara around.

Matt Giraud
He sang Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On".  For the second week in a row, he actually picked a song that suited him and he did well on it.  I have to be honest though by the end of the night I forgot about his performance.

Kris Allen
He sang "How Sweet it is to be Loved by You".  He did well, vocals were perfect.  I have nothing negative to say about this guy.  I like him and hope he sticks around.

Scott MacIntyre
He sang "You Can't Hurry Love".  The background singers were cheesy, the arrangement was terrible and the music overshadowed his vocals (which are not that great to begin with in my opinion).  I think he may have dug his own grave on this one last night.  His days are definitely numbered on this show.  I pick he will be bottom three tonight.  He is just not interesting enough to stay around much longer.  The best part about this performance was the judges fighting and Paula handing Simon a box of crayons and a coloring book.  I wonder how long it took her to think of that clever one?

Megan Joy
Oh Lord help me.  She sang "For Once In My Life".  To be honest I'd never heard this song and I wasn't impressed.  I agree with Kara she would have fared better with something like "My Guy."  What gets me is that this gal is interesting, and she has a unique voice to her, but she keeps picking the WORST songs ever.  She is bottom three tonight.  Also, side note.  I hate that dancing hip twisting weird thing she does, but after her first performance she has obviously TRIED NOT to do it, and I think that is making her singing worse if you ask me.  Bring back the stupid looking dance.  I can overlook that if I can get some decent vocals from you.

Anoop Desai
He sang "Ooh Baby Baby".  His vocals sounded fine but to be honest he bored me to tears.  I couldn't wait for it to be over so we could go on to something more interesting (yes, like Adam I least he is interesting).  

Michael Sarver
He sang "Aint Too Proud to Beg", which is quite ironic since he is basically begging the audience for a spot in next weeks performance.  I agree completely with Simon, he is a nice guy but has absolutely NO chance of winning the competition.  He is another one for bottom three in my opinion.

Lil Rounds
Hated the dress, hated the hair, hated the song.  She sang "Heat Wave" and it sounded like the song was running away from her the entire time.  She just never really got it together.  

Adam Lambert
Ok.  I liked this performance.  He sang "Tracks of My Tears".  He ditched the Sharpee on his fingernails, the guyliner and the creepy clothes for a 1950's look that shocked us all.  This was the first performance I have liked by this guy and that hasn't totally creeped me out making me want to shower afterwards.  I'm still not a fan yet, but I'm not loathing him as much as I did last week.  He earned a little bit of respect from me last night.  Hey, at least I know every week this guy is going to come out and do something interesting.  

Danny Gokey
Danny sang "Get Ready".  It was fun, vocals were awesome as usual and his performance was great.  Danny worked that stage.  I love this guy.  

Allison Iraheta
Ok, can't believe she was bottom three last week.  She sang "Papa Was A Rolling Stone".  I can't believe this girl is sixteen.   She has some pipes.  Hopefully America voted and will keep her on, because she is definitely NOT bottom three material.

My prediction.  Bottom three: Scott, Michael and Megan Joy, with Michael going home.  Of course as we saw from last week a perfectly good singer can go home way before their time with Alexis getting the axe.  I'm totally bummed she is gone.  She was one of the best in my opinion and did not deserve the boot.

One last comment about last week.  Totally unfair what the judges did to Alexis.  Told her "depends on this performance if we will save you or not".  Then they don't even listen to her and do a "pretend"  discussion as if they were actually contemplating keeping her.  This act was extremely rude and unfair.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol - Grand Ole Opry Week

Most of the time I must say I'm disappointed with the country nights on AI, but last years Dolly night was one of my favorites, so I was hopeful for this year, and tonight's wasn't too bad.  There were some surprising ones that stood out, and other ones that are absolutely forgettable.  

Here goes...

Michael Sarver
He sang Garth Brooks Til The Sun Comes Up.  In my opinion it was really karaoke.  I think he did fine on the verses and caught all the lyrics which I give him props for, however the chorus didn't have the "punch" it needed and it didn't showcase his vocals like it should have.  He is not one of the best singers out there, but is likable, however I think after tonight's performance he is in danger.

Allison Iraheta
She sang "Blame it on your heart" by Patty Loveless and did shockingly well.  I thought country night would ruin her.  She is really incredible, especially for her age.  She totally pulled off country night well.  She isn't going anywhere. 

Kris Allen
I said it last week and I'll say it again, I like this kid.  He is definitely the underdog.  I think the girls will keep him around, however he is still pretty much not as talked about as the rest of the crew and I think that may hurt him.  He performed Garth Brooks "To Make You Feel My Love" well enough that I think he deserves to stay.

Lil Rounds
She sang "Independance Day" by Marcia McBride.  One of my favorite country songs of all time.  I love this song.  When I found out she was doing it I cringed.  Lil is too soulful to be doing country and she should have gone with what Randy said and done a "I will always love you" and keep her R&B spin on it.  Her trying to sing country was just awkward and strange.  I hated the performance.  It's possible she is in trouble, but if she was to get the axe she would no doubt get the judges save.

Adam Lambert
Ok, I'm a pretty open person here, and I'm willing to change my opinion but I just DO NOT like this guy.  He absolutely gives me the creeps.  I feel like I need to go wash myself clean after his performance of "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash.  I have to say, the arrangement was interesting and it was NOT terrible.  There is just something though that was (how do I say this politely...) un-pure about his performance (again the fact I get the heebie jeebies after watching this guy).  That is the only way I know how to explain it.  Also, I just do not like his singing.  I just don't see what they do, except maybe the fact that he is marketable.  He isn't going anywhere because millions of hopeless teenage girls (who haven't quite got it figured out yet which side he is batting for) vote for him every week.

Alexis Grace
I love this chick.  She is one of my favorites.  She sang "Jolene" by Dolly Pardon.  Now, I have to say that I enjoyed this more last year sung by Brooke White.  I think Brooke stayed true to how the song should have been arranged.  It's a simple song, and I feel that Alexis voice is MUCH bigger than the song, so it was odd for me.  Something just didn't fit right with it all.  She would have done much better doing a song like "Fancy" by Reba.

Scott MacIntyre
He sang "Wild Angels" by Martina McBride.  It was as dull as last weeks.  I said it last week and I'll say it again, he is NOT the best vocal on there, and right now is skating by on his handicap in my opinion.  He is funny though.  The whole "I'll move the piano closer" comment was a great comeback to Paula's rambling nonsense.  As much as I'd like to see him stay around I do believe his time on Idol is growing short, and he will not be around much longer unless he does something amazing in the next week or so (that is if he makes it past tomorrows judgement).

Danny Gokey
He sang "Jesus Take The Wheel" by Carrie Underwood.  I LOVE this song.  I was disappointed with the beginning, but once he hit the chorus the song took off.  There is something about it when you can tell that the person's heart is behind the lyrics.  (Maybe it is because I know he is Christian), but there was something powerful behind him specifically singing THAT song.  Here is my issue.  I WANT Danny to win.  He is by far my favorite performer, however if he wins they are going to market him in a certain way, and they will NEVER let him sing Christian music.  If he comes in second or third, he would hopefully get picked up by a Christian label and be singing the kind of music that God created him to sing.  There is my inner battle.  

Anoop Desai
He sang "You Were Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson.  He did a totally different version and it was fantastic.  It showed what he can do vocally for the first time, and I agree with Simon he DOES deserve to stay in this after that performance.  One of the top performances of the evening.  

Megan Joy
Ok, I wouldn't say she is my favorite, but I like her quirky voice.  (Is it just me or did she change her last name?  What is up with that?)  I do like her though and I want to see her stay around for a bit.  Her version of "Walking after Midnight" was ok.  I wasn't jumping up and down about it like the judges were, I liked last weeks performance better, it showed MUCH more personality from her than this one did.  I hope she doesn't go anywhere, but I have a feeling she is a bottom runner.

Matt Giraud
I TOLD my husband that this guy could SING.  I saw the clips of him performing back home at the piano bar, and those clips showed me how good he was.  My issue is he gets on stage and tries to be someone he is NOT (singing Coldplay or trying to be like Justin Timberlake), and it turns out badly for him.  Tonight he finally showcased what he is good at, and picked the right song, singing "So Small" by Carrie Underwood.  He did great.  As long as this dude doesn't try to be a total poser, and picks songs that are suited for him, he will stay on my good side.

Predictions.  I think based on vocal alone bottom three should be Lil, Sarver and MacIntyre, with Sarver going home, but as much as I LOVE the midwest I know they are all mostly rooting for their hometown boy, so I'm 50/50 if he will go or not.    I worry that Alexis is in trouble though she is one of the best in my opinion.  I also think Megan may not have much longer.  I doubt America will vote MacIntyre off yet because we are so afraid as Americans of being politically incorrect and possibly offending someone, and as soon as he gets voted off there is going to be uproar because of the fact he is handicapped.  It's possible Lil could get voted off but as I said before, the judges will use their save on her (don't get me started on the rumors that the judges have "fixed" the competition and the top four will be Lil, Danny, Adam and Alexis that right there is a WHOLE other rant of mine).

My Typical Little Man

I noticed that Old Navy was having some good sales, and the weather was too nice to stay inside so I decided to go out shopping.

Now my oldest girl (the one who likes to shop) went down to Texas to visit some family there for spring break, so I only had the two year old and my 7 year old boy with me.  Still, he needed some t-shirts and some flip flops, so I was looking forward to picking out some shoes and shirts with him.

I quickly realized that he is your typical male.  He is following me around the store with a painful expression on his face.  You ladies know it.  That "OMG how much longer are we going to be in here look".

He could care less what shirts I pick out for him, or what flip flops.  Finally after much persuasion he reluctantly comes over and takes off his shoe to try on some flip flops.  He grabs the first pair he sees, this awful looking orange and black pair.  (There are several pairs MUCH cooler than these).  He tries them on and exclaims "they fit" and throws them into the cart.  I ask him "Brett, don't you want to look for some others?"  I begin pointing out all the different colors and styles that they have.  He barely glances my way "No, those are fine".  

I go to the fitting room and leave him right outside the door while I try on a few items.  I come back out and make one last swoop by the boys section and say "now Brett, are you SURE those are the flip flops that you want?".  He gives me a bit of a growl at this point.  Ok, I'll leave it alone.  

I ADORE shopping for my kids.  I get so much joy in being able to give them things, even if it is just little things.  He sucked every last bit of fun out of my shopping experience.  (Sigh)  At least Evie was excited to try on and buy herself a pair of flip flops.  That was my saving grace for the day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is it time to potty train?

So, twice this week Evie has tried to take off her diaper and get on the potty.  We thought she was just fooling around, but seconds later she wet her pants.

She also has been trying to take her diaper off.  A LOT.  She lets us know when she needs changed by telling us and tugging on the diaper trying to get it off.

So, reluctantly I decided to embark on potty training my third.  Now, Myah was a cinch, Brett, well he took us two years to potty train and it was a nightmare.  It couldn't possibly be this easy with the third, and be before they are two years old.

Yesterday we went out, got a potty seat, pull ups and "big girl" panties, only to find out that our child would rather go commando than wear any of those items (and she'd rather put the potty seat on her head as a hat).  This just won't due.

So, I put them away, said "maybe she is just too young still".  I definitely don't want to pressure her if she is not ready.

So, this afternoon I go to get her up from her nap.  She has taken her diaper off and it is bone dry and she peed in the bed.  Nice.

So, I'm debating.  Is it time to train or not?  Thoughts?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My roots may be brown, but I'm a blonde at heart.

Ok, I'm totally calling myself out here for being a total dumb-ass.

I went up to Cartridge World yesterday to refill my ink for my printer, came home and the big black ink wouldn't fit in the printer. So I look and notice it has a number 5 on it, while my other cartridges (CMYK) all have 8's on them. I realize the lady must have made a mistake. So, I pick up the phone and call. She informs me that I have to take off the cap on the ink, then it will fit in. Oh, duh, ok, I see that now.

It gets worse.

I go to print something and the printer won't turn on. I keep hitting the button and it finally comes to life. Lovely. I IM the hubby and tell him that I think our printer is going out because it won't power on very well. I go to print my document and it shuts off on me a second time. I sit here for five minutes and hit the button over and over again and it won't turn on. I'm getting extremely frustrated at this point, and I start hitting the machine and throwing a nasty hissy fit. I'm not kidding, I really wish I was. I hit the button again, and it turns on for a second then flips off. I started to envision myself as one of those people in the commercials that throw their computer equipment out the window (which of course I totally don't have the nerve to do), but I daydream about it for a bit while I fume.

Finally this light bulb (a dim one) goes off in my head. I'll check the power cord just to be sure. The printer was not plugged in. My first thought is that there is no power cord (yeah, it runs on little mice on wheels on the inside of the machine Jules), but then I realize it MUST have a power supply.

I trace the cord down to the floor and find it lying there, fallen out of the machine. I suppose the reason that it powered on to begin with is that it was barely hanging in there...and my little punch/hissy fit to the machine gave it it's final nudge out of it's hole.

I REALLY thought I was smarter than this.

My roots may have turned brown, but deep down, I'm still a blonde at heart.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol - Michael Jackson week

Ok, here it goes.  My weekly blog/opinion on the top Idol contestants is starting for 2009.  I am in no way a music critic, nor any type of professional.  This is merely based on my opinion on watching the show as a normal person.

First of all, I truly believe that Paula gets more annoying every single year, and each week her clothing gets worse. My hubby said it best "she looks like she put glue on her face and rolled in glitter...she looks like a kindergarden project!"  Also, what was up with the weird entrance of the four judges?  That was really odd in my opinion with the strange voice over.

Ok, on to the contestants.  All thirteen of them...(sigh)  I was truly excited about Michael Jackson night, because there are some good songs out there, personally I hate Jackson himself, but there is a lot of cool music that the contestants can pull from.

Lil Rounds
Don't even get me started on her name.  She sang "The Way You Make Me Feel".  She had your typical good soulful voice, but I disagreed with the judges.  I thought she stuck too much to the original arrangement, and her song bored me.  I agreed with Simon that her outfit was heinous (which of course Paula loved...go figure).  She is not one of my faves this year, but I can't deny the gal can sing.  She just doesn't have a stand out unique quality about her that sets her apart from the crowd.

Scott MacIntyre
Ok, I'm going to be brutally honest and say what NOBODY else is saying here.  People are voting for this guy because he is blind.   I can honestly say, that is why I'm rooting for him as well, but if you just strip away his sad story, you have just a mediocre singer.  He sang "Keep The Faith".  I did enjoy seeing him behind the piano and think he did much better than he had in previous episodes.  I just don't think this guy has a lot of power behind his voice.  Oh, and DEAR GOD, someone give the guy a haircut.  Please.

Danny Gokey
I've let the whole world know that Danny is my favorite this season.  He sang "PYT".  I HATED the song, but LOVED Danny's performance.  Danny worked the stage and sung the crap out of that song, regardless of how terrible of a song it was.  I can guarantee you Danny is around for quite some time, if not one of the top two this season.

Michael (aka Oil Rig guy)
H sang "You Are Not Alone".  Now, I like this guy for the whole midwest, down to earth likable quality to him, but had to agree with the masses that he was definitely not the strongest vocal in the bunch.  However, he surprised me this evening.  There was a HUGE improvement and this was a much better song for him than I've heard him sing in the past.  It wasn't terrible.

Jasmine Murray
She sang "I'll Be There".  I LOVE this song.  I had apprehension because of the fact Mariah Carey did an awesome cover of this back in the nineties, and let's be honest, you don't touch Mariah or Whitney unless you have the pipes to do it.  (Oh and about Mariah, I'm totally SICK to death of Randy name dropping every year that he has worked with her...ok, Randy, we get it...geesh get over it all ready).  Anyhow Jasmine didn't do bad at all in my opinion considering she was taking on a pretty big song.

Kris Allen
This guy is kinda the underdog.  I never knew who he was, until two weeks ago when he sang "Man in the Mirror", which I preferred MUCH more than tonight's song "Remember The Time".   I had to agree that the guitar was a bit odd with this song, however, I kinda like this kid.  He impressed me two weeks ago, and I'd like to see him stay for a bit.  He is a good performer and the girls like him.   

I'm not even attempting the Puerto Rican last name.  I thought I'd hate this girl, but she came out and totally surprised me.  I actually really like her.  I wasn't as thrilled as the judges with her version of "Give Into Me" (which I haven't heard in YEARS).  I don't think she blew me away this week as she did last week.  I do think she will be around for quite some time though.  I like her.

Anoop Desai
He sang "Beat It" and in the beginning of the song I was hopeful, but once he hit the chorus it just all went downhill.  It was awful.  He voice was just too weak and the performance was karaoke.

Jorge Nunez
He sang "Never Gonna Say Goodbye".  I couldn't wait for the song to be over it bored me so much.  Made me laugh that Simon said the exact same thing I was thinking.  I liked this guy last week (well, his personality at least), but this week he just didn't impress me at all.  I think he may be in trouble tomorrow.

Megan Corkery
Ok, if I don't have to look at her I totally love this gal.  She has this very interesting voice that I adore.  I disagree with the judges completely on this one.  Her song "Rockin Robin" was awesome.  It totally fit her style unlike any other Jackson song would have.  Loved it loved it loved it.

Adam Lambert
Ok, I totally don't get everyones fascination with this guy.  I DON'T think he sings that great at all.  I just don't hear it in his voice.  Every time he sounds as if he is shouting to me.  I would love other's take on him, and I'm willing to change my opinion if he comes out with something decent, but still, I don't like him.  I will say this, he is the only one who could have pulled off "Black or White".  I was hopeful in the beginning, but by the end he just sounded like he was shouting to me.  I hated it, but the rest of the universe has a fascination with this guy I just don't get so he isn't going anywhere for quite some time.  I have a feeling he even may make it to the top two.

Matt Girard
He sang "Human Nature".  I didn't like it.  It bored me, and it was too safe.  I miss his blusey songs that I heard during auditions and hollywood week, and I was hopeful by him getting in front of the piano that we would hear something interesting, but we didn't.  

She is by far one of my favorites.  I love the voice behind this little gal.  I don't think it was over the top or indulgent as Simon said.  Her version of "Dirty Diana" was raw, gritty and totally awesome.  I loved it and I hope she is around for quite some time.

Ok, I'm going to say that either Jasmine, Annop or Jorge is going home tomorrow night.  Those are my predictions.  If I was voting I'd send home Lil (I can hear boo's and hisses coming at me all ready) just because she doesn't do much for me, and I'd also send home Adam because I don't see why everyone thinks he is so great.  I know, I'd send home people who America thinks are the best.  Ok, I'm ready for the backlash now, so let's have it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Don't Want To Grow Up

Ok, technically I'm a grown up, even though I don't feel like it at times.  Sometimes I still feel as young as a teenager, even though I'm not, and other times I feel MUCH older than what I really am.  However I do have this fear of getting OLD. 

Last night Jamin and I took the kids out to dinner at Golden Corral.  As we were eating there was an elderly (WAY ELDERLY) man a few tables behind us that began to fall ill.  His wife said he was diabetic.  The waitress was holding his head up trying to keep this poor man from passing out at the table, while the entire restaurant was looking on.  My hubby goes over to see what he can do to help out.  The waitress asked if she could call anybody for this old couple.  They said no, they didn't have anyone to call.

This was so sad to me.  Fortunately I know that when Jamin and I grow old we will be prepared for such situations, and because of our large brood of children, we will always have someone to call.  Imagine being at the end of your life, and knowing there was nobody there to help you.  It was so sad it brought tears to my eyes.

The paramedics showed up and transported the man to the hospital, but his wife was left there alone.  She was in a wheelchair because of a stroke that she had had.  He took care of her.  We overheard the waitresses trying to figure out how they were going to get her to the hospital with her husband.  Jamin offered to drive her there.  She had a van that had a lift in it.  Jamin took her and I followed him with the kids in our car.  

Come to find out he takes care of her.  They have a son whom they can't rely on.  We tried to call but he didn't answer.  He fought in World War 2.  He is ninety years old. They have been married for 67 years.  Jamin said they had this sad little black book that said "What to do in case mom or dad dies...step 1: call XXX funeral home", and it went on to say how much their house was worth etc...

What a sad little book to be carrying around.  My heart went out to this couple.  I wish that they had a child, someone who could look after them.  I guess I should be happy they at least have each other.

I looked at Jamin last night with tears in my eyes and said "We will NEVER be that couple."  When I get that age, I hope to be surrounded by a large family, kids, grandkids and great grandkids.  That is the legacy that Jamin and I are trying to build.  I look at Jamin's grandmother who has a lot of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and she will always have someone to help her, she will never be old and alone.  She is a wonderful Godly woman who has build a legacy and has raised children with strong values who would do anything for her.  That is our inspiration, that is what we want when Jamin and I are old and at the end of our life on this earth.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Furniture Shopping Nightmare

So, hubby and I got a check in the mail the other day to our surprise, and hubby looks at me and says a phrase ALL women love to hear "do you want to go buy some furniture with this money?". I  was more than ecstatic, I was overjoyed that I get to spend my day browsing for NEW furniture.  

So, I bounced out of bed on Saturday morning (nothing short of a miracle for me), singing the "Mathis Brothers" jingle while I showered and got ready.    I left the house giddy, ready for a day of picking out new furniture.

Now, first of all I've never been to Mathis Brothers before.  So walking in there was like a kid walking into Disneyland for the first time.  They have a cafe, coffee shop, and two huge levels of wall to wall furniture.  Someone walk in there on any given Saturday and try and convince me there is a recession going on in this was a madhouse.

My bubble was busted pretty quick.  We spend about an hour in Mathis Brothers (with a salesguy hot on our tails), and found some stuff that would work, but wanted to look around at other stores, we came to realize quickly that there is no other store than Mathis Brothers.  We went to other smaller stores, finding out they had not only the same furniture there, but they have been BOUGHT OUT by Mathis Brothers, so you are still under their umbrella.  Store after store it was the same thing.  You see, they have become the Wal-Mart of furniture shopping.  They are huge, have the LOWEST prices for the best quality, and their customer service is TERRIBLE.  You have no choice but to shop there though.  

So, we went back to Mathis Brothers to get our furniture.  Being the nice people we are we asked for our same sales guy (since we obviously know after him following us around drooling on us like a puppy dog that they work on commission).  They sent the wrong guy up at first.  Then ten minutes later the right guy comes along.  He is finishing an order for another customer, he told us to go on up to the dining room tables and pick out some chairs and he would meet us there shortly. (Side note:  I didn't like the chairs that they had paired with my table, so I wanted different ones).  So I go upstairs and play musical chairs for 20 minutes until I find the perfect match that is NOT leather on the cushion.  Our sales guy is STILL not there.  The kids are restless, Evie is running all over the store.  We wait....and wait...and wait.  45 minutes later he shows up.  He looks at the chairs I picked out and said "you can't have those, they are part of a set and I can't break them up."  I saw red.  If my sales guy would have been there to move chairs and help me with my purchase, I would have not picked those chairs, now I had my heart set on them and nothing else would work.  I walked away.  I would not buy it from Mathis Brothers (they had the same table at another store).  I still wanted it though.  I wanted those chairs.  They were perfect.  I found a manager.  He wouldn't help.  He didn't care.  I wanted to revert to my childhood and start screaming and rolling on the floor "But I WAAAANNNT it".  

We left Mathis Brothers.  We were SO done with them.  We tried a few more stores, still nothing we liked as much.  We went home, sad, defeated.

The next morning, we woke up and decided to go back to Rooms 2 Go and get the table there, and hopefully find a sofa that would work as well. We went after church, no crowds, same furniture, same prices (since they are owned by Mathis Brothers - a.k.a. Oklahoma royalty).  It took us about 30 minutes, we loaded it in our truck and left.  Voila, no huge issues.  No hassle.  No Mathis Brothers.  

My chairs are on backorder, we will have them in three weeks, but below you can see my gorgeous table, chair, and love seat.

So, if my hubby comes and asks me in the next six months if I want to go furniture shopping, I will give him a HUGE "hell no".  


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