Friday, March 6, 2009

I Don't Want To Grow Up

Ok, technically I'm a grown up, even though I don't feel like it at times.  Sometimes I still feel as young as a teenager, even though I'm not, and other times I feel MUCH older than what I really am.  However I do have this fear of getting OLD. 

Last night Jamin and I took the kids out to dinner at Golden Corral.  As we were eating there was an elderly (WAY ELDERLY) man a few tables behind us that began to fall ill.  His wife said he was diabetic.  The waitress was holding his head up trying to keep this poor man from passing out at the table, while the entire restaurant was looking on.  My hubby goes over to see what he can do to help out.  The waitress asked if she could call anybody for this old couple.  They said no, they didn't have anyone to call.

This was so sad to me.  Fortunately I know that when Jamin and I grow old we will be prepared for such situations, and because of our large brood of children, we will always have someone to call.  Imagine being at the end of your life, and knowing there was nobody there to help you.  It was so sad it brought tears to my eyes.

The paramedics showed up and transported the man to the hospital, but his wife was left there alone.  She was in a wheelchair because of a stroke that she had had.  He took care of her.  We overheard the waitresses trying to figure out how they were going to get her to the hospital with her husband.  Jamin offered to drive her there.  She had a van that had a lift in it.  Jamin took her and I followed him with the kids in our car.  

Come to find out he takes care of her.  They have a son whom they can't rely on.  We tried to call but he didn't answer.  He fought in World War 2.  He is ninety years old. They have been married for 67 years.  Jamin said they had this sad little black book that said "What to do in case mom or dad dies...step 1: call XXX funeral home", and it went on to say how much their house was worth etc...

What a sad little book to be carrying around.  My heart went out to this couple.  I wish that they had a child, someone who could look after them.  I guess I should be happy they at least have each other.

I looked at Jamin last night with tears in my eyes and said "We will NEVER be that couple."  When I get that age, I hope to be surrounded by a large family, kids, grandkids and great grandkids.  That is the legacy that Jamin and I are trying to build.  I look at Jamin's grandmother who has a lot of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and she will always have someone to help her, she will never be old and alone.  She is a wonderful Godly woman who has build a legacy and has raised children with strong values who would do anything for her.  That is our inspiration, that is what we want when Jamin and I are old and at the end of our life on this earth.

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  1. This is absolutely heart breaking. I hope things turned out okay for them. It is very nice that Jamin offered to drive her to the hospital. What would they have done if you weren't there at that time. God put you there for a reason. Bless you both!


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