Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is it time to potty train?

So, twice this week Evie has tried to take off her diaper and get on the potty.  We thought she was just fooling around, but seconds later she wet her pants.

She also has been trying to take her diaper off.  A LOT.  She lets us know when she needs changed by telling us and tugging on the diaper trying to get it off.

So, reluctantly I decided to embark on potty training my third.  Now, Myah was a cinch, Brett, well he took us two years to potty train and it was a nightmare.  It couldn't possibly be this easy with the third, and be before they are two years old.

Yesterday we went out, got a potty seat, pull ups and "big girl" panties, only to find out that our child would rather go commando than wear any of those items (and she'd rather put the potty seat on her head as a hat).  This just won't due.

So, I put them away, said "maybe she is just too young still".  I definitely don't want to pressure her if she is not ready.

So, this afternoon I go to get her up from her nap.  She has taken her diaper off and it is bone dry and she peed in the bed.  Nice.

So, I'm debating.  Is it time to train or not?  Thoughts?


  1. hmmm... what does she do when she has a dirty (pooped-in) diaper? fyi - hint for night-time training which i realize may be a little time away. however, we bought several waterproof mats. we would put a waterproof mat and a fitted sheet, then another waterproof mat & another fitted sheet over the other first ones. that way when she pees on the bed in the middle of the night, you just have to strip the first sheet and waterproof mat (make sure you get the bigger size ones) off and you don't have to make the bed again because you already have the other mat & sheet on. it saves a lot of time in the middle of the night. we just threw the soiled sheets/mat in the dirty laundry for the next day.

  2. She comes to us and tugs on the diaper when it is dirty (poopy). Great tip on the sheet thing! We will totally do that! The problem is that she doesn't like the pull ups or underwear (she despises the pull ups tries to yank them off as soon as I put them on). She would rather walk around with NOTHING on.


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