Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My roots may be brown, but I'm a blonde at heart.

Ok, I'm totally calling myself out here for being a total dumb-ass.

I went up to Cartridge World yesterday to refill my ink for my printer, came home and the big black ink wouldn't fit in the printer. So I look and notice it has a number 5 on it, while my other cartridges (CMYK) all have 8's on them. I realize the lady must have made a mistake. So, I pick up the phone and call. She informs me that I have to take off the cap on the ink, then it will fit in. Oh, duh, ok, I see that now.

It gets worse.

I go to print something and the printer won't turn on. I keep hitting the button and it finally comes to life. Lovely. I IM the hubby and tell him that I think our printer is going out because it won't power on very well. I go to print my document and it shuts off on me a second time. I sit here for five minutes and hit the button over and over again and it won't turn on. I'm getting extremely frustrated at this point, and I start hitting the machine and throwing a nasty hissy fit. I'm not kidding, I really wish I was. I hit the button again, and it turns on for a second then flips off. I started to envision myself as one of those people in the commercials that throw their computer equipment out the window (which of course I totally don't have the nerve to do), but I daydream about it for a bit while I fume.

Finally this light bulb (a dim one) goes off in my head. I'll check the power cord just to be sure. The printer was not plugged in. My first thought is that there is no power cord (yeah, it runs on little mice on wheels on the inside of the machine Jules), but then I realize it MUST have a power supply.

I trace the cord down to the floor and find it lying there, fallen out of the machine. I suppose the reason that it powered on to begin with is that it was barely hanging in there...and my little punch/hissy fit to the machine gave it it's final nudge out of it's hole.

I REALLY thought I was smarter than this.

My roots may have turned brown, but deep down, I'm still a blonde at heart.


  1. my roots are brown too (just had to throw ther in there too). i have done this things w/ the printer. is the ink a lot cheaper at cartridge world?


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