Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Typical Little Man

I noticed that Old Navy was having some good sales, and the weather was too nice to stay inside so I decided to go out shopping.

Now my oldest girl (the one who likes to shop) went down to Texas to visit some family there for spring break, so I only had the two year old and my 7 year old boy with me.  Still, he needed some t-shirts and some flip flops, so I was looking forward to picking out some shoes and shirts with him.

I quickly realized that he is your typical male.  He is following me around the store with a painful expression on his face.  You ladies know it.  That "OMG how much longer are we going to be in here look".

He could care less what shirts I pick out for him, or what flip flops.  Finally after much persuasion he reluctantly comes over and takes off his shoe to try on some flip flops.  He grabs the first pair he sees, this awful looking orange and black pair.  (There are several pairs MUCH cooler than these).  He tries them on and exclaims "they fit" and throws them into the cart.  I ask him "Brett, don't you want to look for some others?"  I begin pointing out all the different colors and styles that they have.  He barely glances my way "No, those are fine".  

I go to the fitting room and leave him right outside the door while I try on a few items.  I come back out and make one last swoop by the boys section and say "now Brett, are you SURE those are the flip flops that you want?".  He gives me a bit of a growl at this point.  Ok, I'll leave it alone.  

I ADORE shopping for my kids.  I get so much joy in being able to give them things, even if it is just little things.  He sucked every last bit of fun out of my shopping experience.  (Sigh)  At least Evie was excited to try on and buy herself a pair of flip flops.  That was my saving grace for the day.

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  1. love it! my kids usually like shopping for anything. i got them some flip-flops too!


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