Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Furniture Shopping Nightmare

So, hubby and I got a check in the mail the other day to our surprise, and hubby looks at me and says a phrase ALL women love to hear "do you want to go buy some furniture with this money?". I  was more than ecstatic, I was overjoyed that I get to spend my day browsing for NEW furniture.  

So, I bounced out of bed on Saturday morning (nothing short of a miracle for me), singing the "Mathis Brothers" jingle while I showered and got ready.    I left the house giddy, ready for a day of picking out new furniture.

Now, first of all I've never been to Mathis Brothers before.  So walking in there was like a kid walking into Disneyland for the first time.  They have a cafe, coffee shop, and two huge levels of wall to wall furniture.  Someone walk in there on any given Saturday and try and convince me there is a recession going on in this country...it was a madhouse.

My bubble was busted pretty quick.  We spend about an hour in Mathis Brothers (with a salesguy hot on our tails), and found some stuff that would work, but wanted to look around at other stores, we came to realize quickly that there is no other store than Mathis Brothers.  We went to other smaller stores, finding out they had not only the same furniture there, but they have been BOUGHT OUT by Mathis Brothers, so you are still under their umbrella.  Store after store it was the same thing.  You see, they have become the Wal-Mart of furniture shopping.  They are huge, have the LOWEST prices for the best quality, and their customer service is TERRIBLE.  You have no choice but to shop there though.  

So, we went back to Mathis Brothers to get our furniture.  Being the nice people we are we asked for our same sales guy (since we obviously know after him following us around drooling on us like a puppy dog that they work on commission).  They sent the wrong guy up at first.  Then ten minutes later the right guy comes along.  He is finishing an order for another customer, he told us to go on up to the dining room tables and pick out some chairs and he would meet us there shortly. (Side note:  I didn't like the chairs that they had paired with my table, so I wanted different ones).  So I go upstairs and play musical chairs for 20 minutes until I find the perfect match that is NOT leather on the cushion.  Our sales guy is STILL not there.  The kids are restless, Evie is running all over the store.  We wait....and wait...and wait.  45 minutes later he shows up.  He looks at the chairs I picked out and said "you can't have those, they are part of a set and I can't break them up."  I saw red.  If my sales guy would have been there to move chairs and help me with my purchase, I would have not picked those chairs, now I had my heart set on them and nothing else would work.  I walked away.  I would not buy it from Mathis Brothers (they had the same table at another store).  I still wanted it though.  I wanted those chairs.  They were perfect.  I found a manager.  He wouldn't help.  He didn't care.  I wanted to revert to my childhood and start screaming and rolling on the floor "But I WAAAANNNT it".  

We left Mathis Brothers.  We were SO done with them.  We tried a few more stores, still nothing we liked as much.  We went home, sad, defeated.

The next morning, we woke up and decided to go back to Rooms 2 Go and get the table there, and hopefully find a sofa that would work as well. We went after church, no crowds, same furniture, same prices (since they are owned by Mathis Brothers - a.k.a. Oklahoma royalty).  It took us about 30 minutes, we loaded it in our truck and left.  Voila, no huge issues.  No hassle.  No Mathis Brothers.  

My chairs are on backorder, we will have them in three weeks, but below you can see my gorgeous table, chair, and love seat.

So, if my hubby comes and asks me in the next six months if I want to go furniture shopping, I will give him a HUGE "hell no".  


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