Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cleaning Checklist

Has it really been over a WEEK since my last post?  I was doing so good getting in a few posts a week.  I've been off doing important stuff (you know, like pinning all kinds of projects I'll never make.)

I did finish my cleaning checklist last week and started it.  The house has actually remained pretty clean the past week and laundry caught up!  Who would have EVER thought a list could keep me so on track. In fact I was SO on top of things I realized I don't have enough drawer space to hold all my clean clothes.  (Talk about first world problems.)

I am TRULY blessed and I need to realize that more often.

Also, in keeping me focused and on track a friend of mine posted this blog on Facebook, and I tell you with everything that I've been struggling with lately, this was the MOST FREEING thing to read.  It allowed me to forgive myself and actually relax a bit.  I swear if you are in or have ever been in mommy burnout mode you MUST read it.

Back to my cleaning checklist.  Talk about something else that has been completely freeing.  Seriously this little checklist has changed my life.  I feel organized and so put together.  I feel free to blog or get on my computer because I know that there is nothing lingering to do for the day.  It took me some time to figure it out but after several hours of planning, and tweaking my schedule and spreadsheet I think I've finally got it. My version of our cleaning checklist.

I first came up with this idea after seeing it on I Heart Organizing. The problem is I needed it to be tweaked a bit to work for our family. However if you LOVE the idea of a cleaning checklist as much as I do, and don't want to invest the time to make your own, please pay her some love and respect and hop on over to her Etsy store to purchase some of her printables.

After printing it off I went to the dollar store and picked up a document frame for a buck.

I went to HL and bought sick on magnets ($1.99) to stick on the back.  I decided to go with level "3" magnets (mainly because they all ready had adhesive tape on the back and I didn't want to glue) .

I quickly regretted that.  It took ALL of them and it does not magnetize as much as I would like it too.  Currently I'm afraid the slightest nudge is going to make it come crashing to the floor.  Time to purchase some more powerful magnets I suppose.

Now I can use my dry erase markers on the frame and just wipe it clean at the end of the day/week etc.  Saves a TON of paper from printing each week.

I'm hoping that this will keep me more focused on the house and get the stuff done that needs done on a regular schedule.  It seems to be working GREAT so far!  Now it's just time for me to delegate some of these chores out ;)

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  1. What program did you use to make the cleaning schedule? How do you make the checkboxes?

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