Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Detour

My weekend took a bit of a detour from what I thought it would be.

Yesterday was supposed to be spent in my garage woodworking on my entryway storage bench, as you saw from my previous post, however upstairs was feeling pretty dirty and gross so my husband and I went into a full cleaning frenzy, and ended up rearranging our room in the process.

We decided to move the bed under the window.  I know that this goes against some peoples home decorating rules and according to Feng Shui all our Chi or whatever would go out the window and it would disrupt our sleep.  Yeah, I totally don't buy into that kind of stuff, and I slept GREAT last night.

Now of course re-arranging our room puts me into a "I need to completely redo this room" mindset and once I get there it's VERY hard for me to get out of that mindset.

I actually considered axing the entryway project and starting to work on night stands instead.

I told you I'm nuts, and completely indecisive. 

It's SO hard for me to prioritize when I have a HUGE list of what I want to do.

Do I need matching nightstands?  Yes.  Do I want my king size bed with a new headboard?  Yes.  BUT I need to be content where we are at.  We will get there and the journey is the fun part, and by lamenting about what I want and don't have, I don't enjoy the present. 

I plan to get a perfect little corner chair and move that wing back downstairs and recover it and put it in my den.   Also we will get a regular bathroom door (we removed the two double doors because frankly they were a pain in the rear). We will move the TV over a bit more centered to the bed, and hide the cables in the wall, and have a tall chest underneath it.  Also I want one of those pretty benches in front of the bed with storage.  

It is ok to dream a little.

Here is my vision (but with Ana's farmhouse headboard and side tables):

img from
Image from Decor Pad
It's fun to plan and dream.

But ahem, back to my weekend detour:  Flippin. Cleaning. Frenzy.

My husband is such a sweetheart and offered to clean our bedroom and let me go woodwork and have a day off.  Because I'm such a control freak sweetheart I decided to help him instead.  (This had NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm a big sissy and scared to use the table saw by myself.)

We usually end up moving beds, vacuuming under them, vacuuming mattresses, vacuuming corners etc.. and doing BIG stuff like this when we just get sick of the mess. 

This is NOT working for us.

With four kids, two dogs, two cats and a hamster I need to get better control of this home.  I need a cleaning schedule that KEEPS it clean throughout the year, and so I don't spend days at a time killing myself because it got so out of control we couldn't handle it anymore.

My weekly cleanings keep the "appearance" of a clean home and keep it from getting totally disgusting, and goes over the major stuff, but there are honestly all kinds of corners I'm cutting because of time. 

I found this AWESOME blog called I Heart Organizing a cleaning checklist and I've been meaning to do this for a long time, it was just sitting down and coming up with a schedule.  Currently I'm putting together a spreadsheet/checklist and a schedule that works for our family.  Here is what I've come up with so far:


    Wash dishes
    Empty dishwasher
    vacuum downstairs
    vacuum upstairs
    beds made
    rooms picked up
    full house pick up
    wipe down sinks
    empty garbage
    empty recycle bin
    wipe kitchen counters
    put away toiletries (a.k.a. bathroom is picked up and sinks clear)


    wipe down fridge
    wipe down microwave

    clean glass (tv, computer, etc...)

    vacuum under sofas/chairs
    vacuum stairs

    clean toilets
    mop bathroom floors
    scrub bathtubs
    scrub sinks
    vacuum kitchen floors
    mop tile floors
    scrub kitchen sink
    wipe down kitchen cabinets
    wash sheets
    clean rooms
    clean hamster cage
    clean liter box


    WEEK 1
    wipe down walls
    wipe down switch plates

    WEEK 2
    vacuum corners/ceilings
    vacuum inside sofa cushions
    vacuum air vents
    dust fans

    WEEK 3
    launder bathroom rugs
    cycle clean washing machine
    cycle clean dishwasher

    WEEK 4
    vacuum under beds


    wash comforters
    vacuum mattresses
    scrub grout (not sure if this is quarterly annual or bi-annual thing...)

    vacuum/dust above cabinets
    change air filters
    clean out fridge/freezer
    clean oven
    descale coffee maker

    wash sofa cushions
    vacuum window coverings
    wash windows


    clean out cabinets/drawers
    wash shower curtains
    change smoke detector batteries

Anyhow, when it all pans out and is finished, I'll post my spreadsheet/checklist to share and let you know what we have come up with. Also share with me what your cleaning schedule is and any tips that you may have!  I could have EASILY forgotten something!

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  1. Vacuum daily??? Wow, I really am a sloth. Good list though.

    1. My pets shed like crazy the hair would get out of control if I didn't! If it wasn't for the pets, I wouldn't do it every day!


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