Monday, January 2, 2012

The Ultimate Pinterest and Blogging web post ever crafted!

Lately, all I've been talking about to my husband is my blog.  Today was no exception.  He is always trying to give me advice on how I should run my blog.  I usually don't listen.  

My husband has been moping around the house today pretty bored.

He said to me "I bet I can get you a thousand hits on your blog."

I laughed, rolled my eyes "whatever."

"I'm serious."  he said, "I can get you a thousand hits."  He then told me his plan.  I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face.  So I said go for it.  So here it is my husbands guest post on my blog.

Jamin's Ultimate Pinterest and Blogging web post ever crafted!

Step 1 "Find some old piece of garbage!"

Step 2 " Paint it White!  Oil rubbed bronze, or for super effect, BOTH!"

They paint everything white.  Not sure why.

Step 3 "Gather Yarn, Pipe Cleaners, a toilet paper roll and cloth for flowers, colorful decoration, etc."

Step 4  - "Hot glue that sucker!!!"

Step 5 - " Add a 'Girlie Word' to it.  Girls love that stuff."

Step 6 - "Show an unconventional use for a conventional item"

Wash your dishes with a hose! Using an old insecticide sprayer!

Step 7 - The Reveal "Before and After".  Move that BUS!  Move that BUS!

*** NOTE - My husband hereby retains all the rights and royalties to any such famousness that may erupt for such a mega-awesome super DIY project!****

*** P.S. If this blog post receives 1,000 or more views, Julie forthwith promises to give her husband a foot rub.  Failure to received 1,000 page views within 7 days will result in said (awesome) husband doing the dishes whilst in an apron (awesomely, of course).  Photographic results of either thine foot rub or the awesome dish-washing must be posted withing 24 hours on this here blog! 

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  1. I'll make you a deal. If this get's 2,000 hits, then I'll let you post a pic of me doing dishes in an apron. I'd make that Apron look awesome!

    You may want to purchase stock in Apron Inc., cause Aprons will start selling like crazy!

  2. See, there is your problem, a foot rub is not nearly as interesting as you in the apron. I think the risk needs to be a bit higher ;) Regardless of if this gets a ton of hits or not, I LOVE this post. I've had so much fun doing this with you today!

  3. i now want to dig through trash cans just so i can spray paint and decorate my findings. wonder how my new neighbors will feel about me hanging out of their trash cans at 7 in the morning. ;)

  4. Kimberly, you should have SEEN the looks we got from neighbors while taking that photo of my husband diving in the trash can! It was priceless!

  5. Classic! It's always good to get the other halfs view on the things we create lmao.
    Hmmmm, mind you he's not far off is he - waste bin, White paint and some sticky on flowers - sounds like 99% of my projects lol.
    Tell your other half if he wants to guest post on blogs then I'm first in the queue.

    Great post guys!


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