Monday, January 9, 2012

Fitness Goals 2012

In the summer of 2011 I really hit it hard at the gym. I was doing boot camp two days a week, Zumba twice a week and C25K three times a week. I saw some massive results once I started in with my running.

Once I finished C25K though I never actually RAN a stinkin 5K. Then fall came and the kids went back to school, our schedule got crazy busy, and I went full force into a BUNCH of DIY projects followed by the Holidays. I still continued to work out, but I ate everything I wanted. Funny thing is while I was downing all the sweets in the world I wanted and NOT watching my eating, I lost like 5 pounds. No kidding. I know I know, hate me if you like.

Even though I may have LOST weight during the holidays, I felt gross. I was tired. I felt weak. I wasn't hitting the gym with my usual passion and my nutrition was going downhill fast. I was still hitting my Ease into 10K plan, but I'd hit it three times one week then skip a whole week, or only do it once. THEN I realized I'm getting these massive migraines on running days. I'm sure its from dehydration and improper nutrition.

So, here I am, feeling like a total mess. I feel weak. Something MUST change.

We've all seen this on Pinterest right?  Exactly how I feel.

So this past week I've been eating MUCH better and I've come up with a new workout routine to hopefully help me get to my goals. My weight is almost to the place I want it, what I REALLY need now is some muscle. My husband wants me to do Crossfit, but as much as I'd LOVE to it just doesn't fit in with my schedule at this time (childcare issues and such). I know Crossfit and running alone could take me right to the level that I would want, but I have to find something that works with my life right now so I've come up with a plan.

I will continue with my E210K plan and run a 10K the beginning of march. I will be running Mon, Wed and Friday morning at the gym while the rest of my family sleeps. Six AM and 30 degrees does NOT agree with me. I HATE the cold. I know running on the treadmill is NOT the same as the street, so I plan to mix in some street running when the weather gets a bit better.

Tues, Thurs and Saturday I'm mixing back in P90X. I never felt more bad ass and strong than when I did that program. (You can read about my journey here). It will help me gain the muscle that I really need. I'm not doing Plyo, Kenpo or Yoga, I'm just doing the strength days and Ab Ripper X.

THEN if my schedule allows and I feel like it I may hit up Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday. Depends on how my day is going. I also may hit up boot camp every now and again on Monday & Wednesday. I like the girls in those classes, and it gives me time to unwind and the kids can play in the daycare.

It's a crazy workout schedule. My husband said that If I stick to it all this week, at the end of the week he would detail my van for me. He he.

Him doing dishes in an apron and detailing my van for me in one week would just be crazy awesome.  He really needs to learn to stop betting me.  I always win.

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  1. Good luck on your fitness goal ! I'm a big fan of the P90X Ab Ripper X. Wowza that thing does wonders for the midsection eh ! I went through the same " I feel gross" things last year (still happens) and decided that a fitness competition was my goal after having my son. After 12 weeks of training and dieting I achieved it ! Im sure you will reach your goals in no time ! Best of luck :)


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