Thursday, July 14, 2011


So anyone who has access to my Twitter or Facebook knows that I've been working out.  A LOT.  With all the working out I've been doing, I haven't really had the time or motivation to sit down and actually write a blog post.  My cousin Treasure kept pestering reminding me that I haven't wrote a post in months, but every time I tried to write one, nothing interesting came to mind.

Finally, I got inspired to write a post about my newest endeavor.  Running.

I have always HATED running.  Like LOATHED it.  You see, as long as I've been alive I've had all this great upper body strength but absolutely NO endurance.

Who was the kid that took more than fifteen minutes to complete the mile in grade school?


Who was the kid who was ALWAYS picked LAST in P.E. class?

Me again.

Who BARELY squeaked by with a C in athletics?

You got it.  Me.

So, when I first started working out officially the first time I got on a treadmill or elliptical machine, I really thought I'd die.  My face is red, head pulsing, heart throbbing out of my chest.  Yup, that's it's I'm having a heart attack for sure.

Slowly I was able to gain a little bit more endurance, but running?  Seriously, never even considered it.  Slowly though I began to see these women running, ponytail bobbing back and forth, feet pounding the ground in perfect rhythm, and I became envious.  I wanted that feeling I wanted that freedom that they had, to just take off and RUN.

So, five weeks ago I started the Couch to 5K program.  Basically what it does is gradually work you into running.  Weeks one and two went really well, between weeks two and three I developed swelling in my peronial tendons.  I determined this was from running in my Vibrams, which yes, are made for running, but you are supposed to ease into running in them.  So I sidelined the VFF's and went back to regular athletic shoes.  I figured it would be best to get used to running in general at first, then eventually switch slowly to the Vibrams at a later time.

So, now I'm in week five, and in the C25K program week five gets pretty insane.  Today my routine was warmup walk 5 min, 8 min run 5 min walk 8 minute run then a 5 minute cool down.

So you ask, is Julie the perfect running goddess, ponytail flapping in the breeze, shoes striking the ground at a perfect rhythm?  Is she ready for her Nike commercial now?

Not.  At.  All.

Let me give you a more realistic picture of what Julie running looks like.  A hot freaking mess.  Face so red it looks like it is going to pop.  Sweat POURING off me.  It's in my eyes, burning my contact lenses.  I lick my lips and I taste the sweat in my mouth.  Heaving, heavy breathing.  (I'm certain that it annoys the CRAP out of the people next to me in the gym.)  Feet not in a gentle rhythm, but more of a loud elephant like pounding.

Oh, and guess what?  I still HATE running.  So WHY?  Why do I keep putting myself through this torture?  Because when I start something I finish it, even if it kills me in the process, and this just might.

My next run in my C25K program is a 20 minute straight run.  If you all don't hear back from me, it's possible I killed over in the gym.  Wish me luck.  I'm gonna need it.

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  1. i'm really proud of you julie! not because you wrote the post - which i loved reading but about your dedication. almost makes me want to take up running. okay not really but i'm really proud of you! :)


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