Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY Snowflake Napkin Rings

I wanted some really cute silver snowflake napkin rings for my table setting Christmas day, so I started searching the web.

I found some that I absolutely LOVED. They were perfect, except for the $95 price tag that came along with them.

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Anyhow, I wasn't willing to shell out that kind of money so I thought MAYBE there was a way that I could come up with something cute and similar for MUCH less cash.

And I did.

I started searching at Hobby Lobby and found in packs of six snowflake shaped wooden pieces. They were $0.99 a pack. I needed twelve so I purchased two packs. 

There was a problem though.  I got REALLY busy before Christmas and didn't finish them.

Fast forward to Christmas day.  It's 12:15pm.  Turkey is in the oven cooking, mashed potatoes boiling on the stove, rolls are rising and we are prepping to eat a 2pm dinner.  Suddenly I decide to make my napkin ring holders.

I tell you only I could be this nuts.

So I went and grabbed those Hobby Lobby snowflakes I bought and ripped them open.  Silly me forgot to get a photo BEFORE I ripped open the packet of my snowflakes.

Then I grabbed a BIG leftover wrapping paper roll.  Anything would work though, toilet paper roll, paper towel roll. 

I measured and made marks at 1 inch wide (enough to make twelve of them) and just went along and cut them.

Next I grabbed some of my Krylon brushed nickel spray paint that I had left over from my hinges in my bathroom renovation.

I spray painted the little bad boys and let them dry in the garage for about an hour.  1:45 pm and I'm in my kitchen hot gluing the snowflakes to the round rings while my company starts to arrive.  It's all ok though, they are family and they understand my nuttiness and love me in spite of it.

I must say though, crazy as I am.  They turned out really cute.  Not bad for about two bucks!  If I wouldn't of had the spray paint, it still would have only cost me about $5 to make them all.  Not too shabby I say!

I'm pretty proud of how these bad boys turned out.  I ended up getting this post featured on Knock off Decor, and you can see that post here!  Also I'm submitting this to Beneath My Heart for the Best DIY projects December Linky Party, so check that out as well!  Both of these blogs are among some of my favorites and I HIGHLY recommend them!
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  1. I LOVE THIS !!!! We're having Christmas at my house next year so these will be wonderful !

  2. Thanks Patti! They were so cheap and super easy to make. I'm sure they will be a hit at your house next year for Christmas! Have fun!


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