Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Photos 2011

Last night we took the four kids up to the mall to get their photos with Santa. We tried this last Sunday, but their whole system crashed and we got turned away, thankfully last night they got us in and we didn't have to wait too long.

And yes, that is my middle daughter wearing red Jesse boots from Toy Story.  I've given up.  I just let her wear what she wants, and capture these moments in time forever.  Yes, her shirt had pizza on it and I didn't realize this until we were in line to see Santa.  It's all good.

My oldest two know the whole jig with Santa.  We told my boy this year who Santa really was and IS.  He was let down, but he was ok with it.  My oldest didn't want to be in the photo but I made her do it.   We have always told them "we know all Santa's secrets."  When we sat our boy down and told him that daddy was Santa, at first he thought like he was REALLY THE Santa.  Like the Santa Clause Santa or something.  We had to explain that NO, mom and dad are Santa and that's ok.  We told him about St. Nicholas and how he loved Jesus and cared for the poor.  We also told him that he will still get presents from Santa under the tree every year. 

Anyhow.  I digress.

For weeks now the two little girls have been asking for Doodle Bears. It's the only thing they want from "Santa". The only reason Goose wants one is because her big sister wants one too. Evie understands that she won't be getting presents until Christmas day from Santa, but Lucy doesn't quite get that concept.

It became even more obvious after her visit with Santa. The kids sat on his lap, chatted with him and smiled for the photo. Then they were all handed coloring books.

We went and stood in line and waited for our photo to print. Lucy had her brow furrowed and a pretty ticked off/confused look on her face. Looked at the coloring book in her hand and looked at us and said "Doodle Bear?"

Obviously she felt pretty upset with Santa. She was fully expecting her Doodle bear right then and there. I really wish I had snapped a photo or video to capture her expression. It was priceless.

Just so you know, we DO have the Doodle Bear. Its safe and sound hidden away in mommy and daddy's closet, ready to appear Christmas morning. I'm sure Goose will be pleased to see it then.

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