Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Christmas Present

Let me start out by saying that I have truly the most loving, kind, thoughtful husband on the planet. I really don't deserve such a wonderful man, and all the credit that he gives me. I also truly don't give him the credit that he deserves for all that he does and the man that he is.

Either that or he is a total evil genius that pawned his gift giving onto someone else ;) I kid...I kid. He really IS a total sweetheart.  Also, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Back in September he told me that he had gotten me the best Christmas present ever, but he couldn't tell me what it was. He said (and I quote) "It's better than a car in the driveway."

REALLY? Because I know our budget, and I just can't see how anything like that is possible.

So, for FOUR yes FOUR months I've been trying to keep this out of my mind, otherwise it would pretty much drive me crazy.

He would give me hints along the way, telling me it's great because not of the money that it would/wouldn't cost, but that it shows he really knows me.

Then about a week ago he gave me one last hint he said "I don't know what your present is."

This really stumped me. What POSSIBLY could he get me, that he doesn't know what it is and shows that he knows me well. I guessed it was a blank canvas, or something to do with some kind of improvement project that I would have to complete and that is how he didn't know what it was.

I could have NEVER in a MILLION years guessed what it was.

Finally Christmas morning he told me that several months ago he wrote three of my favorite bloggers, told them how awesome I was, and how much I enjoyed their blogs, and asked if they would send me a letter, note or if my husband could purchase something crafted by them, because it would mean the world to me.

So he wrote Sarah, from Thrifty Decor Chick, Ashley from Make it and Love it and Ana White. They all sent me gifts and notes.  This would almost be the equivalent of me contacting Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs (whom I kid is my husbands man crush), Norm Abrams (New Yankee Workshop) and Mike Holmes and the Mythbusters and getting stuff from each of them for my husband.

I was VERY happy. I was REALLY shocked. I was a teeny bit embarrassed (I mean, I don't want them to think I'm some crazy weirdo stalker or something).  Most of all I was in awe of how much my husband really knows me and the trouble him and these wonderful ladies went to for me.

I mean, these women, what they have done is inspire me. They have taught me that I can take something on a small budget and make it beautiful. Their homes and projects have truly inspired me. So because I go around the house saying "These are my heroes, if they can do it so can I" and talking about them all the time and their ideas that inspire me, and my husband listened (although I'm pretty sure he didn't he didn't have a choice.  I talk a LOT). He did the sweetest most kindest gesture by showing he loves me and knows me, and these wonderful women opened their heart to me and showed they cared too. I feel overwhelmed and totally grateful that they would take time out of their BUSY schedules to send me something. Oh, and they didn't charge my husband a penny, not even for shipping. That's how awesome these ladies are.

(*disclaimer, this are about the WORST photos of me EVER and I can't believe I'm blogging them, but I really wanted my TRUE reaction about the gifts so here goes it...also sorry they are blurry, I blame the man for that one, and I swear these photos make me look like I've gained back the 15 pounds that I've recently lost.  SIGH.  Most unflattering photos EVER).

Sarah from TDC sent me my own hot pink tool belt embroidered on it "TDC Squeezy"(thats ME), and a sweet hand written card.  The fact that she said in the card that my dining room looked amazing was a HUGE compliment (like I may of passed out for a second or two).  I go around all the time telling my husband TDC is my hero.  She totally is.  She has the most kicking amazing blog ever, she is GREAT when it comes to decor on the cheap.  She has a heart for Goodwill treasures that is almost as big as mine ;)  Also she does it all while shoveling her way out of a pile of debt.  It's SO good to have her as inspiration that I CAN make my home beautiful while staying on track with our budget and our plan.  Someday just like her we will call up Dave and SCREAM "WERE DEBT FREE!!!!"

Ashley from Make it and Love it sent me Itsy Bitsy Spider that she featured on her blog recently, and an autographed photo (which she is probably still shaking her head over that one thinking we are a bit NUTS and possibly a stalker).  I have an idea of where to hang Itsy Bitsy Spider (It will most likely go in my kiddos bathroom when we do the renovation this spring), but I'm still shaking my head on what to do with the autographed photo of her....I think my husband was going more for maybe a signed shirt or something. Too cute.

Ashley, if you read this, I SWEAR I'm not a crazy stalker/obsessed fan. We are honestly FAIRLY normal people.  The photo DID make me smile. Thanks for all your inspiration. ;)  Your blog was the first that got me really into the DIY blogging world.  Thanks so much.

I have NO idea if that is why Ana White featured me on her blog this month as her featured builder, or if it was just a coincidence because I uploaded my kitchen plans to her site, either way, I can't believe with her being in the middle of building the momplex that she would stop and send me a gift card and a Christmas card. She is a total rock star and I think she is awesome. I mean first of all she lives in Alaska and she is out there in weather I would freeze my tush off in building things with power tools and looking all adorable while doing it.   I plan on building another one of her plans with the gift she sent me. Now just to decide which one, kids bunk beds, entryway storage bench, my computer desk....my list goes on and on...

So thanks Jamin, my wonderful husband and evil genius, and a few of my heroes in the blogging world Sarah, Ana and Ashley. You guys truly all ROCK.

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  1. Well your husband and mine both have crushes on Mike Rowe...haha! And nope, I didn't think you were a crazy stalker at all. I just thought you were crazy to want my autograph!! ;) Haha!! But honestly, are you kidding? I was totally flattered and it made me and my husband laugh. Because we're probably just like you. Normal as they come. (And if you were in CO and not OK, I would totally tell you guys to get yourselves on over to our place, and we could eat and chat and hmmmm, watch "Dirty Jobs??" Ha!) Anyway, thanks again for the love. I think your husband is a gem. How sweet of him....and I love the build up he gave you. What a fun Christmas! :)

    (Good work Jamin!)



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