Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So yesterday I'm at the kids Christmas party at school and I receive a text from my wonderful husband. He tells me that I'm on the front page of Ana White's website as her featured builder!

I knew that I'd been getting TONS of hits from her blog, but I figured that was because I FINALLY got around to putting a brag post on her blog about making our girls kitchen.  I figured it's Christmas, a LOT of people are looking at her post about girls kitchens.

I had NO idea that I was her featured builder.  I guess my sister in law Ashley, stumbled across her site and saw my photo on the front page!

That's me on Ana's homepage! 
In DIY blogland Ana White is like a rock star.  Seriously.  I am TOTALLY thrilled and humbled to be her featured builder, and I'm SO excited about the traffic to my site!

Then my husband calls me and tells me that Ana commented on my photo of the girls kitchen.  Squeal!  Happy tears. OH MY GOSH.  I may just pass out and die from the excitement of it all.

Anyhow for the last twenty four hours I've been walking around on cloud nine from my fifteen minutes of fame.  My head is now officially so big, I'm not sure if it will fit through my door ;)

I kid I kid. 

I'm so grateful for all the lovely comments on our girls kitchen.  We really LOVED making it and are very proud of the project, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE Ana's site and all her plans, I really owe most of the credit to her and my husband.  I just painted and sewed a little and sanded.  A LOT.  This is the first of MANY things that we plan to build of hers (I think next up is bunk beds).

Hoping all my new-found readers stick around, I promise I have good things to come!

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