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2011 In Review

My first initial reaction was to say that I hope that 2012 is better than 2011. However when I really stop to look back 2011 was not bad at all, it was just full of busyness, which in turn makes things seem more stressful than what they really are. I think my biggest problem is that I need to chill. Relax. Stop and enjoy the small moments more, because when I truly look back and reflect on 2011 it was a pretty awesome year.

In January I started out really trying to organize my life and my heart. Traci from Beneath My Heart started posts about "Organizing My Heart and Home". It was something I could totally get on board with, so not only did I start working on my heart spiritually, but I started out by decrapifying (word stolen from TDC) my life. It started with my laundry closet project.

Next I moved on to my medicine cabinet:

Then my girls room:

After that I took a break on organization and went on a blogging hiatus.  I was busy doing some pretty cool things!  I went down to Austin, TX for spring break for SXSW, and got to spend some time with these lovely ladies:

I got REALLY sunburnt waiting in line for a band we never got to see, which was a bummer.  But I couldn't think of two better ladies to stand in line with.

I came home, and celebrated SIX years with this wonderful guy:

I went back home to Phoenix for a trip in April.  It was amazing.  I got to spend REALLY wonderful quality time with my sister in law, and of course dinner with my besties.  Miss these gals SO much.  It was a great night, full of fun, laughter and of course Sangria.

We traveled to Missouri to see my brother in law graduate from basic training.  So proud of that guy!  My husband decided to go back into the military and joined the National Guard.  Can't tell you how honored I am to be a soldiers wife, and how proud I am of the soldiers in our family!

We had all the cousins here at the same time!  It was great spending time with those kiddos!

Sometime in July, just like Forrest Gump I started running.  I really focused most of my summer on my fitness, working on me for a bit.  I spent time running, in boot camp, in Zumba.  My husband (who does Crossfit) convinced me to do a hero WOD with him, and in September we did 31 Heroes to help raise money for families the 31 Navy Seals that died in Afghanistan. 

Our WONDERFUL team.  Couldn't do it without them.
Then some other great stuff happened, my daughter started pre-k, my oldest made the cheer squad and my son graduated to Webelos.  So proud of my kids! 

Then the weather started cooling down and I got back into the spirit of all things DIY.  I started fall out by renovating my downstairs half bath.

Then I tagged along with my husband to Orlando for an IT conference.  Who knew how FUN some IT nerds could be?  We seriously had a BLAST dancing the night away!

Once I start a project it usually begins a whirlwind of other projects, and this was no exception.  Right after the bathroom I moved onto what is my favorite project of the year, painting my den bookcases white.

I'm so thrilled with this project I just linked it to Thrifty Decor Chicks Before and After Party.  So if you have a before and after you are pretty proud of, go on over there, visit her and link on up!

Then, just when I thought I was done for the year, the week before Thanksgiving I decided to renovate my dining room.  Crazy I know!

I started showing off my projects on Pinterest and other blogs and this little blog of mine started to take off a little.  I got featured on Ana White's blog in December and also on Knock off Decor, and got some great Christmas gifts from my husband!

Right before Thanksgiving, during the middle of my dining room renovation, I got a terrible phone call.  Dad had been taken to the hospital with chest pains.  Come to find out he had a mild heart attack, and a REALLY massive blockage that caused it.  We are all so fortunate that God had his hand on him and he made it through.  He was better and able to visit for Christmas.  I got to go see the OKC Thunder play with him on Christmas day.  I hadn't been to a game with my dad since back in the 90's when the we had season tickets to the Phoenix Suns.  I'm so glad I have this memory with my father, and SO thankful that he is here with me today.  I praise God for his recovery.  My dad is one amazing guy.

Looking back 2011 has been an amazing year, full of great things, some ups, some downs, but mainly ups.  I don't know WHY on earth I get so cynical at times.  Life truly is wonderful.  I have a great family and my life is full of so much joy.  So in 2012 I want to spend more time filling my heart full of joy and letting go of stress and strife.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great year Julie!


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