Saturday, February 19, 2011

Decrapification - The Girls Room/Closet

Every spring and fall it's the same thing. As I look forward to the changing season there is also a fear and a dread that comes over me. It's this nagging thing that I push and push off until I MUST do it.

Organize the girls seasonal clothes and clean out their closet.

Dum, dum dum dum dum!

I've gotten pretty handy at organizing other areas of my home. The medicine cabinet wasn't bad, and neither was the laundry closet, but I go into my girls room, look in the closet, shake my head and just usually end up walking out totally defeated. There is just SO much stuff I never know where to begin. I usually end up just pulling out everything and end up cramming it back in the closet in a slightly more organized mess than I began with.

I can't live like this anymore. It's driving me insane.

So, before I began this time, I decided to wrap my mind around the project and break it down into simpler steps. I went and took a look in their room and closet. I looked at what items needed to be organized, and what inventory of organizational supplies I had on hand, then I was able to compile a list of what I'd need, and where everything would go.

I made a spreadsheet so when my husband and I budgeted we could look at it and see what fits in the budget this week so we stay on track with our finances, and then I have a reference to look back upon.  I know it may be a bit overkill and nerdy, but it really helps me not to DREAD this project.  Knowing that I have a space to put everything.

So, now I had a list complied of what I needed to organize the girls closet, where I would relocate certain items to better utilize the storage I had and a list of new items I needed to buy.  I was really happy with how much relocating certain items would free up space and use the storage I have in a more efficient manner, so my buy list was pretty small.

Shoe Rack
Two 15 gal bins
One shoebox size bin
4 drawer organizers

A NICE to have would be some wood for Jamin to build a dress up bin, but we are going to try and do that out of scraps. Until then I will use the current bin that I have. It's not great, but it will work to save us on the budget. The drawer organizers and shoebox size bin I was able to find at the dollar store. The shoe rack and two 15 gallon bins I got at Target. Total I spent $27.00 on all the items I needed. I went out and got these FIRST before I even entered their room. That way I was ready to relocate items.

Here are my before photos of the room and the closet. It's a giant overwhelming mess.

Here is the room, it normally looks pretty bad, and that is expected because the girls play in it.  I can't expect it to be immaculate all the time.

Drawers just stuffed with clothes.  I guarantee you not one item of clothing in there is folded properly.

This is really just to show off our kitchen set again and to show you the CUTEST banners my husband's sister Ginger made my kids.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

My nemesis.  The closet.

See all those bags and bags of clothing just stuffed on the top shelf?  That is what I eventually need to get to.  I have to get through the closet mess first though.

This bin is SUPPOSED to be for kitchen items, but it's always overflowing with miscellaneous junk too.

These bins are the worst waste of space ever.  I realized I needed to better utilize the storage that I did have.  I can never find shoes because they are just piled on top of the dresser in the closet.

I started just putting stuff in bins and rearranging.  It was easy because I'd all ready planned out where everything would go.  Well it was as easy as it can be with little ones running under your feet.  Even with an entire room full of toys to play with, whatever mommy was doing in the closet was MUCH more interesting to get into.

I finished up day ONE with getting the room clean and the closet clean.  Next was time to tackle the clothing.  I started by yanking EVERYTHING out of their drawers and going through that first.  I then move items that are no longer needed into file boxes in the attic marked as to what size and season they are for.
Here is a photo of my piles of clothes and bags to go through.  This is not even CLOSE to all of them that I need to go through.

I then started pulling out clothes in their size and put them into a pile.  Then I started separating the clothes that needed folded from dresses that would hang, and then winter from summer clothes.  (because of Oklahoma's wacky weather I need to keep warmer clothes on hand in case they are needed).  I put the summer shorts and shirts into the dresser in the bedroom, and winter and warmer clothes go into the "reserve" dresser in their closet.  This makes fall sorting easier and I have stuff on hand for chillier spring days.

Sorting the clothes was definitely almost a full days work.  It took me about six hours to do it all.  I know that sounds like a crazy amount of time, but I am REALLY blessed with neighbors and family that gives me hand me downs.  I don't have to buy one single item for my girls this summer except for some sandals for Lucy and a swimsuit for Evie.  They almost have more clothes than they can wear!

I got a little nutty and started labeling bins, which may have been overkill, but I just like the way it looks. Also if the older kids help clean the room, they know where everything goes. So, after two days of hard work, here it is for me to show off!
Bins better used to hold play food, play bake-ware and play dishes! It also gives the girls some "counter" space.

Pajama and sock drawer.  Everything folded neatly and socks in their little organizers from the dollar store!

The room is clean (for at least five minutes)
Books in a nice little basket.

Lego's and wooden blocks & Lucy's dresses.

Clean, organized, beautiful closet!

I can actually find the shoes now!  (That is our door that leads to the upstairs attic)

My nerdy labels.  

All in all I'm totally proud of how it turned out.  Room by room I'm getting this house organized a little at a time, and each time I do it I'm getting a little better at it!

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