Saturday, March 17, 2007

You're an angry elf.


Your kids will ALWAYS say something to embarrass you. Let me start by saying that.

Here is the "back story" on what happened:

Several months ago Jamin was taking the kids to Walgreens shopping. There is a little person that works the cash register at the Walgreens by our house. He looks very much like the guy from the movie Elf. As you can see, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Jamin gets up to the register and he sees the kids begin to snicker and giggle. Their faces are turning red with amusement and excitement. Jamin turns around and quietly tells the kids to stop it and be quiet. You hear Bubby go "but Dad..." Jamin is praying silently in his head right now that the kids keep their composure, but of course as they begin to leave the register you hear them yell, "but Dad! That is the guy from Elf." At this point Jamin is mortified. The only thing he could do is apologize to the poor guy for our childrens ill mannered behavior. The guy did not seem too happy about it, but he said "that's ok, I get it all the time." (Obviously, he was an angry elf, and very upset with my kids.) Honestly though my son was just REALLY excited and truly thought this guy was REALLY the guy from the movie elf.

You would think that was bad enough, but it gets worse.

So, last night I decided to go to Walgreens. I needed shampoo and stuff, so I asked if Myah wanted to go. Of course, Brett wanted to come too. I really wanted to just get in and out and kind of make it a girls thing, and I really didn't want him to go. I think it was my mothers instinct telling me not to let him go, but reluctantly I gave in and said he could come.

Bubby is off about ten feet behind the register when I walk up to check out and there he is the same checkout guy. My face immediately flushes because I'm totally afraid of what my kids will do. Brett comes over and immediately gets this HUGE grin on his face. Oh God, I think here he goes he is going to say something to embarrass me for sure.

Bubby begins to snicker, I turn around and give him a stern look. I hear him look at Myah and say something about "ugly." Of course I wasn't thinking that he could POSSIBLY be talking about the guy behind the counter and I blurted out, "did you just call your sister ugly?" I thought maybe him getting in trouble for calling his sister ugly would distract him from the little man behind the counter and he wouldn't call him the guy from "Elf" again. Bubby shakes his head no. Myah then chimes in with "oh, he was talking about the guy." Oh my Lord, can I please just get my stuff and pay now because I need to get to the parking lot and slaughter my children. So we get in the car and I go off, I start talking about how it is bad to make fun of people etc..I think I was a bit harsh, but I was pretty upset. I come home throw my bags on the couch, and walk into the bedroom, completely and totally humiliated.

All I have to say to Jamin is "guess who was my checkout person at Walgreens?" and he came back with a big "Nooooooo...." Oh yes he was. Now I decide that I need to go talk to Brett because he was crying when we came in the house. I open his door and he is nowhere to be found. He is hiding under his bed crying because he felt pretty bad for making fun of the guy.

Ok, so yeah, I was a little harsh, but I was REALLY appalled at my kids behavior.  I REALLY thought I'd raised them better than that.

Jamin and I sit him down and have a talk about how God made everyone and loves us all, and how it is not nice to call people ugly, or appropriate to be rude and cruel. We give him hugs and tell him he is ok, and not in trouble (this time). I do hope they have learned their lesson though. However next time I go to Walgreens I think I will leave the kids at home.

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