Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guess Who?

A few weeks ago when I was garage sell looking at (see previous blog entry for full details), I ran across the kids game "Guess Who" for $2. It had never even been played.

Now, if you ask Lanie about this game she will most likely roll her eyes. I made her play it. ALOT. The thing is, as a kid I LOVED games but nobody ever really liked to play games with me, looking back I know why because I was a sore looser and a cheat. I'm still a sore looser, but I've gotten better, but thankfully I no longer feel the need to cheat.

Anyhow, once again I'm getting away from the point of this blog.

Watching my kids play this game was a painful yet amusing experience. This was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. For the first few rounds we played it with them, to let them get the hang of it and they did fine. Finally we stepped back and let them have a go at it. Here is how it went down:

Brett: Does your guy not have maybe a hat?

Myah: Yes

Her character did have a hat by the way. She had no clue what Brett was asking, and it was hard for us to decipher what he had said

Myah: Does yours have a hat?

Wow original question there Myah

Brett: No. Does your's have ear hair?

Myah: No.

Her's had hair OVER the ears, not coming OUT of them, which I think is what he meant, so I piped in because at this point I was about to scream

Myah: Does yours have a beard?

Brett: No. Is yours funny looking?

At this point Jamin and I have tears rolling down our cheeks

Anyhow, you get the idea. The game goes on and on like this and nobody wins obviously. It was so much fun to watch them. Jamin and I then played the "politically incorrect" version of Guess Who.

Julie: Is your character currently wearing adult diapers?

Jamin: Uh, no. Was your character in a seventies adult film?

Julie: No. Does your character possibly own a 7 Eleven?

Jamin: Yes, possibly. Is your character from the inner city?

Julie: No. Is your character listed online in a database for offenders?

Jamin: Hmmm...possibly. Does your character have "secrets" hidden in the backyard?

Julie: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Yes, we are TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, PEOPLE...but funny.

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