Friday, April 24, 2009

My Trip To Paris - day one

Hubby and I took a trip to Paris last week. This was my very first time in Europe and it was a very interesting and exciting trip.

The first thing we had to adjust to was a long plane ride and the time difference. Of course we got sat in the middle row of the plane (side-note, we were NOT supposed to, we SO picked out two seats ne
ar the window), so it wasn't a very comfort
able ride, and of course we had a screaming baby in front of us for eight hours. Behind us was a group of teenagers that thought it was fun to giggle and take photos the entire time everyone was trying to sleep.  I was so close to getting up and screaming at them, but hubby tends to keep me calm.  I embarrass him when I do stuff like that.

I was extremely grateful when the plane landed in Paris. I got off the plane and the first thing that I noticed was that Paris airport smells like pee and cigarette smoke (like a bowling alley almost). We got in the long line to pass through their customs and get our passport stamped. We stood behind a lady that just kicked her bag the whole time (I'm guessing it was too heavy for her to pick it up?). After our passport was stamped Jamin looked at me and said "Thank God we aren't behind the lady who HATES her bag anymore." It was funny and totally true.

Our taxi/shuttle was waiting for us after we got our luggage. We then got into the vehicle while this guy drove us on a Paris freeway and up and down these TEENY little Paris streets. Traffic there was INSANE. Jamin and I prayed for our life while in this taxi.  Culture shock was begging to begin.

The hotel wouldn't let us check in until two PM, so we left our bags there and took our first trip on the metro (I could dedicate a whole entire blog session to the experience of riding on the metro...very interesting), down to the Eiffel tower. The problem was since I couldn't get into my suitcase and shower and change, I was wearing capri's, a tank top and tennis shoes and carrying a camera bag.  You may as well of stamped "tourist" across my forehead.  So much for trying to blend in.  We rounded the corner looking for the Eiffel.  Jamin is looking at the map.  I glance to my right.  Towering over the trees, there is the Eiffel.  I tug on Jamin, "Jamin look up..."  It was amazing.  No words can describe it.  It was so much bigger than I ever expected it to be!

We went back to our area and grabbed a bite to eat, then went to the hotel, slept for a bit and showered and went out for the evening. We went to see the Notre Dame cathedral. Again, words can't describe it. They had this gorgeous music playing inside the cathedral, and the most beautiful architecture that I've ever seen.  It really made me think about how many years it took to build it, and how we don't take pride in our architecture now like they did back then.  It's really a shame.  The buildings are gorgeous.  I can't even begin to describe the detail on the outside of the cathedral.  It's awe inspiring.

There was this super cool street performer just right by the Seine with his bass violin, playing "Georgia on My Mind." 

We were pretty tired and jet lagged so after the cathedral we went to the Arch De Triomphe and took a quick peek at it (thank GOD there was a tunnel going UNDER the street to see it. I couldn't imagine trying to cross traffic there.  Traffic in Paris is nuts).  The arch is gorgeous and  again, the detail on the architecture is amazing.  We opted not to go to the top since the only way up was via staircase (300 stairs to be exact).  My pregnant body just couldn't handle that.  We took several photos some photos and headed back to our hotel. We grabbed a sandwich from a local bakery for dinner (the meat on the sandwich was duck meat I later found out, no wonder why I couldn't eat it, a very odd taste to it). I yanked the meat off the sandwich and ate the bread.  At least my belly was full.  I tried to watch some TV to relax, but EVERYTHING was in French except CNN.  (Side-note, I may NEVER watch CNN again).  We went to bed around 8pm Paris time.  We were exhausted.

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