Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Vegetarian

So, last week my son came in the house pretty upset over finding a dead baby bird outside.  You see, my son is pretty tenderhearted about things, and this just broke his little heart.  He was wanting to get a shoebox and bury the bird, but one of the older kids parents threw it away, and this upset him that the bird didn't get a proper burial.

My husband explained the whole circle of life thing to him, and tried to calm him down and explained how we even consume animals for food.  My son told me later that night that he was going to become a vegetarian.  I giggled under my breath "Good luck with that."  You see, we are a family of total carnivores, and love nothing more than a big juicy steak.

I quickly dismissed the conversation.  The next day my son again told me after lunch (which was hot dogs) that he was a vegetarian. 

"So how was that piggy you just ate?"  (and I use the term pig loosely) I asked him.  

He smiled, "Well, I'm a vegetarian that eats pigs, but I'm not going to eat other meat."  He tells me.

"Mmmmhmmm."  I said.

That night I made home made chicken nuggets for dinner, which I bread in cornflakes and fry.  They are totally delicious, and my whole family gobbles them up.  My boy comes into the kitchen nosing around.  "What are we having for dinner mom?"  He peers over the stove and sees what I'm cooking before I have a chance to reply he exclaims "YES!  I LOVE these!"

"Too bad you can't have any since you are a vegetarian."  I reply.

"Ah, you got me," He admits defeat.  "I guess I'm NOT going to be a vegetarian."

Just what I thought.

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