Monday, November 22, 2010

Before and Afters

I've been a busy little bee around my house. First we've still been in the process of the whole outside remodel (which thankfully is COMPLETE soon...) then we ended up flooding our den when our washing machine leaked. The carpet was bad to begin with and after water sitting on it all night long there was just no salvaging the carpet. At this time we decided to move the TV into the front room and make our den an actual den. We got new carpet, moved the computer out of our bedroom and it's wonderful!

Here are some before and after shots. (The before is when we first moved in and still had the BIG screen, but you get the gist of the layout, our flat screen was still in the same spot)

And here is the AFTER.  I LOVE it! I can't believe how BIG the room feels with that huge overstuffed chair out of the way of the entry.  (I plan to get rid of this furniture when I have some more money, but for now it stays...overstuffed furniture was SOOOO 2003...)

Next I decided it was time to take care of that UGLY file cabinet.  Nobody saw it in our bedroom, but here where it would be more prominent I decided I MUST take care of it.


And after some ORB (Oil rubbed bronze) spray paint.

And last, we received some items from Aunt Blanche's home.  Our Aunt Blanche was almost ninety and recently passed away.  I can't tell you what an honor it is though to be able to keep some of her items in our family.  You can read all about Aunt Blanche on my Aunt Kathryn's blog here.

Here is a cute little handy stepstool we received. It will be used well in our kitchen by the little hands that like to help mommy bake cookies.  It was however, in need of some TLC.

Here it is after with some black paint and a coat of poly to make it easily cleanable.

Considering Aunt Blanche picked black as one of colors to paint her fingernails when the twins wanted to paint her nails, I think she would approve of the color choice.  MUCH better.

We got our windows installed in the house this weekend, but since they gave us all new trim on the windows we had to re-paint some of the outside.  I will have photos soon of that completed project and I have TONS of other items in the garage I'm currently working on!  Christmas is coming and we've started Santa's workshop in our garage!  It's going to be fabulous!  Can't wait to share it.

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