Friday, August 26, 2011

Cake Update

With the help of my wonderful oldest child we actually produced this:

 I'm not ready for Food Network Challenge or anything, but it's definitely our best production yet.  It's passable!

A couple things I learned:

1.  When freezing a cake, do not put it on top of your recently frozen tubs of chicken broth.  It will leave a ROUND imprint in the bottom of your cake, causing you to have to cut off the wrong end.
2.  A butter knife is really NOT the proper tool for spreading icing.  Invest in an icing spatula.  
3.  If you choose to eat the chocolate frosting while you are icing it you will run into a few problems.  First, you may run out of icing for the cake, second you will get it all over your fingers and in turn get it on your cute little flowers.
4.  The words "extra cake" yelled in a house will bring six kids running into the kitchen faster than you have ever seen in your life.  You may want to try that if you ever have a fire in your home.

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