Friday, June 22, 2007

I Quit!

Ok, so I did it. After much thought, and stress, and thought, and stress I decided to follow my heart and leave my job to stay at home with the kids.

It was really hard for me to go full time once I came to Oklahoma after working part time for so long, but I did it in hopes that one day they would eventually offer part time at Cox, however that has not happened. After the birth of Evie, I just really started to think about my priorities, and what was important to me.

A year ago, I had stars in my eyes moving to Oklahoma. I was greedy and materialistic, and driven by my desires for a home and pretty things. I thought moving here would give us that. God has taken us down an unusual path over the past year, and I think that was a learning process for me to find out what exactly was important. Ginger put it best to me and said when I stand before God will he say "Great job at Cox."? No, he won't.

I've learned that I don't have to go to the movies every weekend to make my kids happy, that a walk up to the park and a push on the swings does much more. I've learned that prosperity is not the amount of money that I have, but the quality of life that my family has. I've learned that it's not the TV sets, or the XBOX that make the kids happy, but sitting down with the TV off playing a game of Monopoly with them.

I'm scared to death. Can we make it on one income? Please pray for us on this new endeavor.

One thing I know is, life is better once you quit your job. The grass is greener, the air smells sweeter...

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