Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

A day in the life as a stay at home mom...

6:00am grunts and groans thru the baby monitor...please pleeease go back to sleep...grunts become screams and cries, mom is up baby attached to her boob

6:30am baby is back in bed, cool Mom can go get some more rest

7:00 alarm goes off...damn damn damn have to take husband to work this morning because your car is broken down.

7:10am Maybe you can not take him in, you don't need a car today, you can just stay at home all day. Crap you realize you MUST go to store and run errands today, moan, groan, get out of bed, shower etc...

7:30 Out of the shower, your oldest is still in bed. You tell her for the second time to get out of bed and get dressed.

7:45 Your oldest is still not out of bed yet, time to send Dad into the room to wake her up. Baby is now awake and needs changed, Dad can handle that one for now.

8:00am In the car and ready to go...grab some gas and coffee from 7-11 and get hubby to work

8:30am Drop husband off at work. Realize it is really quiet with your middle child (son) at Grandma's house. Glad to no longer be listening to talk radio.

9:00am Arrive at city office to try and change date for permit on garage sale, due to death in family last week that we could not have. Why this stupid city requires a permit for a yard sale is beyond me. Dang it I forgot the permit, go back home and get it to come back later.

9:30am Arrive at home again, baby is attached to boob again. Good thing mom is on tap.

9:45am Call the school to find out information on enrollment. Decide to go to Wal-Mart to get school supplies, and print out some photos to mail them to family. Do some laundry before you leave the house.

10:45am Arrive at Wal-Mart with school supply list in hand. Your daughter puts things in the cart that are not even on the list. Sift thru cart and remove all items that are un neccicary. Geesh, can't she see there is a method to your madness?

11:45am Go and pick up printed photos. They are all pixelated. The ladys at the photo department swear that it must be my resolution on my camera. Not wanting to make any waves I walk away. There is only one register open. This is normal for Wal Mart in the mornings and I hate it. I curse under my breath...I hate Wal-Mart, hate it, hate it, hate it, but darn it their prices are so low. My rage rises as I get to the counter why should I pay for these photographs when they are crap. After checkout I return to the photo counter where I finally decide that I'm not paying for them. I return the photos.

12:30pm Finally arrive home, I'm starving, but come into the computer to IM the hubby and let him know I'm home. He has been researching insurance all morning. He is making a spreadsheet for us to go over the data stuff.

12:45pm Time to feed the baby again. Yes, I am a milk bar.

1:00pm Your mother in law calls, she is bringing home your son, thought he was staying with her until tomorrow, but that is no problem because you were starting to miss the total chaos in your house.

1:15pm Finally mom can eat lunch, oh crap, must feed child. Throw some corn dogs in the microwave..healthy no, quick yes. Make yourself a pastrami sandwich, sit down to eat, realize that you forgot the corn dogs, get up, feed the kid, then eat some more.

1:30pm Mother in law arrives with son. He is chattering about what he did at grandmas. We talk about our church and apple pie. We then eat some apple pie.

2:00pm Do some more laundry. Great fun. Go in to check the IM again. The Hyundai dealership called, now the price of the car is up to $800, what the F*&^! How did that happen. You can feel your ears getting hot with are ready to go and just lay into these people. Your husband tells you he is getting off work early to stop by the dealership. Baby is crying, she is poopy. You take her to change her diaper. She tries to grab her poo. This is something she has not done before...interesting.

2:30pm Try and pick up the house a feel as if you have been so busy all day yet got absolutely nothing accomplished. You are still VERY angry about the car. You play about 10 minutes of Tony Hawk on the XBOX to blow off some steam.

2:50 You start feeding the baby again. Your husband calls, the electricity is off on the whole block at his work, he may get off work even earlier.

3:00pm The dog is going nuts, running in the back yard barking at something, but you have a baby attached to your boob, so you can't go check. 3 minutes later there is a knock at your door which makes the dog go nuts again. You have no shirt on so you yell thru the door "who is it?." It is your husband's cousin coming to pick up their air matress. Luckily I was at home...had no clue he was coming by. Quickly put on a shirt and put down baby. You pass off the air matress and cousin is gone and now you are back to feeding baby again.

3:15pm Baby is finally done eating. She just played around for a while. You begin to get things ready to leave the house.

3:25pm After a frantic search through the house for a missing flip flop you leave the house to go pick up your husband from work.

4:00pm You arrive at your husband's work to pick him up, then head for the dealership to sort out the car problem.

4:30pm Arrive at the dealership (after your husband was on the phone to Hyundai consumer affairs all the way there - which by the way did absolutely no good). You talk to the greasy mechanic, and realize there was a mis-understanding and the price was not what he thought it was, you sort it out realize that you can bring in some parts to the dealership from Auto Zone to cut costs

4:45pm Begin driving all over to Auto Zone, Napa and Pep Boys looking for imported Hyundai parts, find some and return to the dealership. Sit in the car with kids while husbby runs in the store. Listen to kids giggle and baby cry because car is not moving. Your son tells you that he lost 18 pounds today. Interesting. You are regreting letting them have a soda.

5:30pm Arrive home, change into work out clothes then feed baby once again. Think of several excuses not to work out but realize that you need to...

5:50pm Arrive at gym, dang it I forgot my IPOD. Login to fitlinx to see how many points I have. 460! Whoo hoo I'm beating Jamin nanny nanny nanny! Spend first ten minutes on treadmill wishing I was dead, spend last 20 minutes on treadmill, thinking this isn't that bad...

6:30pm Cool down, drink water, try not to pass out from exhaustion. Login to fitlinx. Only 170 calories burned and 150 points...dang it dang it dang it...tomorrow I'm doing aerobics again, screw the treadmil.

6:45pm Arrive home eat dinner chicken burritos your hubby made while you were at the gym. Spend 30 minutes trying to get a DVD to play on three different DVD players...none of them worked...darn Netflix CD all scratched up. Oh well, I didn't want to see that movie anyway so it worked out.

7:15pm Grandma and Uncle Aaron were here to watch the movie, but it didn't work. Baby is acting hungry again, even after grandma fed her a bottle, time to pop out the boobie again. Watch recorded TV show.

8:30pm Come in bedroom to blog for a while and have a moment alone. After 10 minutes your husband is sending in the kids to tickle and bug you saying things like we have 12 elephants in our backyard...never a moments peace...

9:00pm Play around the house with the kids, singing silly songs and stuff...that was fun. Your son sang "dog breath" and "baby got back"...we are horrible horrible people...

10:00pm Think about the mounds of laundry and everything you SHOULD have got done today, but are too tired to care now. Try to wake up the baby to feed her but she just plays around and falls know she will be up at 3am in the morning. Put kids to bed, wash face, brush teeth, crawl into bed and watch tome you tube with your hubby.

11:00pm Thinking you should go to sleep, however with the kids in bed the house is so lay on the bed with hubby and listen to some music on ITunes for about 5 minutes, then turn on the TV.

11:35pm Seinfield comes on. It is the BO episode where they can't get rid of the stench...funny stuff.

12:05pm lights out go to sleep and begin it all again tomorrow.

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