Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Day in the Life Part Deux

You can call this one a "day in the life part two", or "a day in the life of a stay at home mom during the Christmas season!" whatever you goes.

6:00am, You hear the little one cooing and doing her high pitched happy scream thru the monitor. You go in her room give her the binky and she goes back to sleep for a bit.

7:00am Up and at it. Feed baby cereal, watch her try and eat the bib instead of her food

7:15am Go holler at the older kids and try and convince them to get out of bed.

7:30am Yell at the older kids to get out of bed and get dressed and get breakfast.

8:00 Holler at your son to get his shoes and socks on. This is a morning ritual with him. Your husband kisses you goodbye and leaves for work.

8:15am Feed baby bottle. Tell your son once again to get his dang shoes and socks on.

8:30am Change baby, put clothes on her bundle her up while starting to get the kids out the door, tell them to brush their teeth, get backpacks on have to start about 20 minutes early with them

8:45am Finally walking out the door, your oldest daughter is mortified because mom is taking them to school in a robe and slippers. Your son starts to do his morning ritual of "what can I bring to school with me" and the 5 minute process of him getting his dang coat on.

8:48am You are in the car, baby in car seat, daughter with seat belt on waiting for your boy to come out of the house. You are starting to get very angry.

8:49am Your son emerges from the house and takes his sweet time getting in the car.

8:50am You drop the kids of at school barely in time

9:00am Start sorting the mounds of laundry in the house, starting with the baby's clothes, she was on her last outfit yesterday and wearing hideous gold socks...moral of the story...laundry NEEDS done.

9:30am Laundry sorted and started now you start working on the kitchen while the little one is down for a nap. After that you plan on getting in the shower.

10:00am What the crap? Only a 45 minute nap? Baby is up, mom's shower is bye bye. Play with baby for a while, balance the checkbook and do more laundry.

10:30am You are starving. Heat up leftover roast beef from night before. It's close enough to lunch right?

11:00am Feed baby her lunch. Set her down to play while you fold more laundry. You start planning your day in your head, you will make some calls, go to Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart and Alltel store for a new phone and maybe try Game X Change for a PS2. It will be a lovely afternoon.

12:00pm After doing more laundry you put the baby back down for a try again at a nap and take a shower, do make up and get dressed. It's been a pretty relaxing easy morning so far, not too bad of a day.

12:45pm Order more Christmas cards at Wal-Mart one hour photo. Plan to go pick them up in a while.

1:00pm Call Game X Change here on my side of town to see if they have Play Station 2. See kids want Guitar Hero (thanks to my nephews) and Dance Dance Revolution (for Myah). We currently have an X Box, but I figured with a trade in of games it may just be possible to make this happen.

1:15pm You have called 4 Game X Change across OKC area. None of them have PS2 and they can't tell you how much they can give you for the XBOX until you bring it in. Edmond has one, you talk with your hubby and decide to go for it.

1:30pm You pack the baby's bag and disconnect the XBOX and pack up all the games, wires and controllers. In a mad dash you are out of the house quickly.

1:45pm You stop by the bank, deposit Christmas money check (we did a special savings account fund at Jamin's work for Christmas), get gas in the car and you are on your way. You are worried about time, but heck, you don't have to pick up the kids until 3:25 so you are ok. You figure you will make the game store about 2:15, and be back in plenty of time.

2:15pm You followed the directions to a tee...Santa Fe and 2nd st in Edmond, but this is a residential neighborhood! What the heck? You are starting to panic a little bit. You decide to go the opposite direction and cross Broadway EXT once again. You get stuck in a sea of awful traffic and are sitting behind a stupid trolley.

2:30pm You pull into a Blockbuster Video to ask for directions. You now have a screaming baby in the back seat who has pooped her pants. The girl has no clue where this store is at. You ask for a yellow pages and you are regretting not going and getting your new cell phone first. You find the address and it is indeed Santa Fe and 2nd. What the heck???

2:35pm You are back in the car. The baby is still crying in the back seat. You break your rule of smoking in the car, but hang your head out of the window like a dog looking like some crazed maniac. Either smoke in the car or veer your car off into a brick building due to the stress of this situation.

2:45pm You are back in this same stinkin area you were before. This store is obviously not here. You pull into a hole in the wall car repair shop and tell the guy where you are headed. He said "Oh, its about two miles west of here on Santa Fe" I said "I thought this was Santa Fe!" He said "This is Santa Fe Dr you want Santa Fe St" My head is literally about to explode and he says "There are three Santa Fe's here in Edmond"

2:55pm You arrive at the destination finally. You grab your sad little tear stained face of a baby and head in the store.

3:00pm You are changing your baby on the floor of a Game X Change on top of a canvas bag that you brought the XBOX in with. She is happy now.

3:10pm You are sweating profusely. Your stress level is through the roof. You are supposed to pick up your kids on the other side of town in like 10 minutes. These people are taking absolutely FOREVER to test everything. They are taking their sweet time. You finally get your trade and you only pay $18 for a Play Station 2. You are too stressed and irritated to actually relish in this moment. You grab your stuff and leave.

3:14pm You are back in your car and the baby is once again screaming. You manage to drive and make a bottle at the same time.

3:25pm You are back on the freeway. You have your left hand on the steering wheel and the other arm reached into the back seat feeding the baby her bottle. You realize you are almost a contortionist.

3:35pm You get off the freeway and head into your neighborhood. Somehow you managed to get from Edmond to my side of town in 20 minutes. You have done the impossible. You are a female version of Mario Andretti.

3:40pm You pull into the school. You are only 15 minutes late, but the principal is not happy with you. You explain you got stuck in Edmond and were in a panic. You get your kids and head home. Your perfect afternoon of shopping was an absolute stressful mess.

3:45pm You check folders, explain to the kids the XBOX is "broken" and in for repairs. Yes, you shouldn't lie, but this is one of the circumstances I believe it is ok to tell a fib or two.

4:00pm You are pricing DDR controller pads and Guitar controllers. You realize it will be cheaper to find the game used and buy new controllers from Wal-Mart. You are back on the phone with Game X Change and IM'ing your hubby.

4:20pm You find a Game X Change that has both DDR and Guitar Hero. You send hubby there after work. You calculate how much this will cost, and total for Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Controllers and PS2 after your trade you will stay within your $100 budget. You ROCK! You are super mom!

4:30pm Your kids start screaming from the other room "MOM!" they yell. I run in there thinking someone is hurt but hear water running and them saying "The toilet is overflowing" I pull up my jeans and wade thru the wet poopy mess turn off the water to the toilet and begin cleaning it up and clearing out the clog.

4:40pm Baby is crying she is poopy. Geesh I'm up to my ears in poopy messes.

4:50pm Get poop situation under control, clean myself up and go on the porch where it is quiet and have a smoke. AHHHHHHHH.

5:00pm Feed baby dinner, make dinner for me and kids, (hubby will be late).

5:45pm Hubby calls he wants to go to Alltel and get phones, fine with me but I'm eating without him for sure now.

6:00pm You and the kiddos sit down and eat some taco salad. You clean up and get baby settled.

6:30pm Husband comes home with two brand new Motorola Razr phones! Buy one get one free deal and with mail in rebate only cost you $30 for two sweet phones! YAY!

7:00pm Bring baby in bedroom to sit on bed with you while you mess with new phone. She pukes all over you. You clean up puke and realize that she is tired.

7:15pm Put Baby to bed, send kids off to play for a while, so Mommy and Daddy can play with their new phones.

8:30pm Send older kids to bed

9:00pm Head out to the store for some cigarettes (FYI we are trying Chantix in January! We HAVE to quit!). Come back home and add contacts to phone, get Bluetooth set up know how it is when you get a new phone and have to set up EVERYTHING

11:15pm Mom gets back to town. She made the drive from Phoenix in one day. She stops by to pick up her keys so she can get in her house.

11:30pm You turn around from the computer and realize your hubby is asleep and you should do the same thing.

11:45pm Wash face, brush teeth and head off to bed. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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