Wednesday, April 9, 2008

God is Funny

I don’t think funny is the right word...maybe ironic?

I kind of publicly blasted him the other day. Yes, I was angry at my father God and felt he was not providing for me the way that he should, however I had come to accept that though he may not be providing for me in the best way possible, that as long as he was there to hold me through all my fears I would be ok.

Not even twenty four hours later I received a phone call from a former supervisor at my old job asking me to come back to work for them part time.

Now isn’t that a predicament? Here we are not struggling for money, but tight, and this opportunity arises. It really made me think. Ok God, is this you providing for me, or is this some sort of test?

Last summer after giving birth to Evie, I realized I wanted to stay at home with my kids and invest in their lives. I also came to a realization that things will come and go, but the legacy that I have is in my family and my kids. God was very clear to me in what he taught me. Was I scared to death to go to one income? Yes. Did God always make a way? Yes he did.

I realized what God was saying. He was saying that if money is what is truly important, then sure, go back to work. Then we can get a new roof, get ten root canals if necessary and have enough money left over to furnish our house from Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel. We can go out every other night to Red Lobster and Olive Garden if we like.


We could struggle for a while, but look back and see all the wonderful home cooked meals we had at home around our kitchen table. I can be taking a nice evening walk with my kids and see a dresser on the side of the road, in perfect condition. I can take it home, sand it, paint it and make it new all for little or no money and have something artistic that I’m proud of in my home, that has a nice story behind it.

I honestly feel that if I would go back to work I’d be in disobedience to what God wanted me to do last summer. My husband (the wise loving man that he is) immediately saw this. He reminded me of not just the reasons for me to quit sitting here at home, but all the reasons at that job why I wanted to quit. What an awesome great man he is.

Thanks Lord for the swift kick in the pants, I needed it to get motivated once again. You always know how to do that to me and I thank you for it.

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