Friday, April 11, 2008

Yes, I'm THAT mom.

I'm quickly becoming known as the totally disheveled mom at my kids school.

Here is one reason why.

Sunday night 11:00pm, I realize it is my week to send snacks for Bretts class. It's 11:00 though and I'm in my P.J.'s and not about to get out of the house.

Fast forward to the next morning. Everyone is trying to get their breakfast, and in line at the toaster. Kids need things signed, need backpacks...have to let the dog out, baby is crying and sitting in high chair without food in front of her. Total chaos, you get it.

I realize oh crap, I have snack. I glance in the pantry and realize I have a box of unopened graham crackers in my pantry that I can send to get them through Monday, then I can go out that afternoon and purchase snacks for the remainder of the week. I look on the fridge and see the note that requests that a box of baby wipes also be sent with the snack for the week.

Since I don't have a box to spare (you think we would, but we only have one tub, then the refills), I realize I have a sample pack I can send. You know how when you are pregnant they send you Huggies, Pampers, etc...samples of EVERYTHING. So feeling like such a genius I throw the sample pack into the bag with the graham crackers, and quickly scribble a note (using a dry erase marker - the only thing I could find) explaining that I forgot snack, I'm sending what I can and will send more the next day. I throw all this in a plastic grocery sack and stick it in Brett's backpack, give the kids kisses and hugs and send them on their way to the bus stop. Whew.

Fast forward again now to picking Brett up from school. His teacher puts him in the car and looks at me and says "don't stress so much over snack. Oh, and we sent the diaper back." and she gives me a weird look.

I still don't get it. I ramble on for a minute at how I needed wipes, and she looks more confused, but people are behind us so I pull away.

Diaper? What did she mean by diaper?

Oh my God.

That wasn't a sample pack of wipes. It was a sample of a Huggies diaper. I didn't bother to read the label. I hear my son from the back seat about the time of my realization "MOM! Why did you send a diaper to school with me? The teacher gave me a funny look and the class laughed at me". I explained to him my intention and he saw my embarrassment and he realized my faux pa.

Both of us laughed uncontrollably for about ten minutes. I can just imagine the teacher opening a diaper in the middle of class.

Yes, I'm THAT mom.

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