Monday, July 6, 2009


How fitting that the head of the poor man on the cover is nearly exploding. This is how I feel sometimeswhen I play games with the kids.

Now, don't get me wrong. They are finally at the age where games are SOMEWHAT enjoyable with them, which is pretty darn cool, however there are a few games that NEVER need to be played with children. This is one of them.

My oldest asked if I would play Scattergories with her. First of all, there were only two of us, but she insisted that it would be just fine. Ok, I give in. I'll play.

Round one is over and she got four or six out of the ten possible answers. We go through and compare and I veto a few (for example: Things that are black - her answer: Elephant). I know you must think I'm completely cold hearted, but I'm not one of those people who let kids off easy. You want to play with the big kids, you have to be able to play by the rules. Also, my folks were ones that let me off pretty easy, and "let" me win a lot, which has well, created a monster when it comes to competition.

Anyhow we are going pretty well when the 7 year old comes along and wants to play. I have my doubts but what is the worst that will happen? Well, he first of all annoys the crap out of me by jumping ahead of the orderly process I have going and blurting out ALL his answers.

I can feel my head starting to explode because my natural order and progression of things is getting interrupted...I have control issues ok? Don't judge me.

This continues on for a few rounds until I'm fuming.

However something funny happens in the process. The category was "Nicknames" that start with the letter "L".

My sons answer was "Lincoln". He said (and I quote) "OH! I got it all wrong! I thought it said NICKEL NAMES, so I put Lincoln."

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