Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have a two year old in denial

My youngest (soon to be not the youngest), has been in a state of denial recently.

It started when my belly began to expand. I would tell her constantly that there is a baby in mommy's tummy and that she was going to be a big sissy. She would shake her head and say "no" and cover up my belly.

I kept on telling her this because somehow I wanted her to understand that she would no longer be the youngest. You see, she has been our baby, and we have babied her so much I'm worried about the transition period and jealousy of the baby. I want her to be prepared, well, as much as a two year old can be. So I continued to show her my belly and she continued to say "No!" and cover it up.

Two days ago she came up, pulled up my shirt, kissed my belly and said "LUCY!". I was pretty amazed. She has finally started to make some type of association with this.

So, she now knows that her old crib is Lucy's bed. Today I cleared out most of Myah's room except the big furniture, we plan to paint that this evening and move the little ones into that room. She saw everything missing from Myahs room and got very excited. She ran into her room and started pushing on the crib and saying "Lucy's bed! Lucy's bed" and trying to move it. She then ran around to her brothers room "Bubby's room?" asking if he was moving, I told her no. I then went to the door, and said "Evie's room" (touching the door) on her new room and "Myah's room" on her old room a couple times, to explain we are switching rooms.

She looked at me, smacked her door (her current door) and said ,"NO! Evie's room".

And the fun begins AGAIN.

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