Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I need an organization intervention.

I'm on day four, yes FOUR of sorting through bags and boxes of children's clothing. I know, I can feel your eyes rolling and all the sighs coming from my friends who are sitting in a cubicle right now, but seriously I think at this moment I would trade places with ANY of you.

I'm TERRIBLE at organization. Positively terrible.

Side note:Now, don't get me wrong, I'm totally and completely thankful for my friends, neighbors and family who have given us clothing. Thanks to all of you, are needs are totally met and we have to buy practically nothing. That being said, read on.

My previous method of organization was to just throw it all into a plastic sack, label it with a sharpie and toss it into the garage/attic. This method was not working well for several factors, pets, and kids both would rip open the bags that had not yet made it into the attic, and the clothes would get filthy, also thus by being in a not so accessible bag in the attic, I'd forget about them.

The other day I ripped open a bag FULL of adorable 24 month and 2T dresses from my cousin Treasure. I didn't even KNOW I had these. I was sure I had gone through everything that she had given me but obviously not. Now I'm frantically washing clothes hoping to get Evie into these dresses before summer ends. I think literally there are enough dresses that she could wear one a day for the next month and never repeat. It's so sad I will never get through all these adorable clothes.

Another issue I have is not all clothes are the same size. They may SAY 3T on them, but as any mother knows not all 3T's are the same. So then it is my job to evaluate these sizes and determine if she will indeed wear them this winter or not. Do I keep them down for winter so I don't forget about them, or put them in a box? If I put them in a box I will surely forget about them, but if I leave them out I'm creating clutter. I'm supposed to "judge" how much she will grow between now and fall/winter? Then do I sort by size only or by size and by season? The problem with that is we have bi-polar weather in Oklahoma that can be warm until November, with a few cold days mixed in. Oh, and don't even get me started on March weather if I pack all the winter clothes up I could be shooting myself in the foot.

It's enough to make a normal woman go insane, for me, it's putting me in a state of helplessness. You remember, I'm the girl who can't even decide on what size macaroni to get, much less figure this crap out. Here I am, sitting on the floor pregnant and pitiful with piles and piles of clothes around me, unable to make a decision at all as to how to organize these.

So, finally I came up with a plan and created a "staging area". I now have two dressers in the girls room. One in the actual room for clothes they wear now, and one in the walk in closet that is "staging" for winter/fall and the next size up. That way they are accessible, but yet put away somewhat. Everything else is going in labeled boxes, NOT plastic sacks. (this was my husband's doing).

So I just went through my last bag of clothes from my cousin and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Then I realized I have about six, yes SIX boxes of clothes in my garage from our friends who just moved to Nebraska. SIX BOXES.

Dear God, I'm going to be in the looney bin when this is all over.

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