Sunday, December 20, 2009

Magical Evening

Tonight we took the two oldest children to the Oklahoma City Ballet to see "The Nutcracker.".  I had been looking forward to this for quite some time, since we had been planning this since last year.  (Last year we went but didn't take the kids because we assumed that they would get bored, we later regretted not taking them and planned all year to make sure that we took them this time).  I had no idea how much I would enjoy this evening with my kids though, it was so much better than I could have ever imagined!

We took a photo opportunity by the Christmas tree since we were dressed our best.  Brett looked so cute and handsome in his vest and tie, and Myah was looking so grown up and pretty in her red dress.  Brett thinks he is James Bond since he has a vest and tie on, and he tries to pose like him.  I told him that if he took one serious pose that I would let him pose like James Bond afterwards.  He agreed.

Next we were off to Pearls Oyster Bar for dinner.   Brett was so adorable.  On the way there he said, "since we are going to a fancy restaurant can we be nice people?"  Jamin and I laughed and replied "honey, we ARE nice people."  He said ,"no that's not what I mean."  I'm still not exactly sure what he meant about that.  The kids were on their best behavior and so well mannered at the restaurant.

After dinner we went to the civic center.  They were offering photos with a cast member.  The kids stood in front of the large Christmas tree in the civic center with the dancer who played Clara and took a photo (we had to pay for that one, we will be getting that later).  We found our seats and settled in.  Brett was on the edge of his seat the entire time.  The kids LOVED it.  I was afraid they would get bored.  Myah was mesmerized with the ballet dancers, and Brett didn't get antsy until the end.  He did look over at his dad and giggle and say, "Dad, I can see their weenier!"

Afterwards the kids wanted hot chocolate and dessert, so we took them to a small Italian restaurant across the street called "Trattoria".  When we got there they asked, "are you here with the party?" we told them no and didn't think much of it.  There was a large table set up behind our table.  Jamin looked over at me and said "they are having some kind of party coming in, must be people that went to the ballet."  We ordered dessert and hot cocoa.  They brought the kids each their own silver pot full of cocoa.  The kids were EXTREMELY impressed.  Here are some photos of the kids with their hot chocolate!

A few moments later a lady came over to our table.  She complimented our kids and how cute they looked and asked if we had just gone to the ballet.  She introduced herself as the chair of the patron committee for the ballet.  She said "we are having the patrons of the ballet come here for dinner and some of the cast will be here along with the artistic director for the Oklahoma City ballet!  Make sure you stay around so I can introduce you to them!"  She seriously was so sweet and nice I couldn't' believe it!

Moments later the dancers begin to file in.  The kids got to meet the dancer who played the Sugar Plum fairy and talk with her for a while.  She loved the kids, it was so cute!  Brett got to meet the Russian dancers from the second act (they were his favorite), the Caviller and we also got to meet Robert Mills the artistic director for the OKC ballet.

It was a magical evening with my kids, one none of us will ever forget!  I'm so glad we took them and got to spend this evening with them!


  1. that's sounds very very neat. i'm glad you guys had a great evening. love the pictures!

  2. What a great night, and you all look so beautiful!!


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