Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Has a year all ready flown by? Wasn't it just yesterday I was looking down at you in the hospital trying to figure out where you got all that black hair from (must be Papa) and kissing your chubby little cheeks?

Over the past year those cheeks have remained large but you've grown into them somewhat, your hair has slowly turned from black to a beautiful shade of brownish blond with a little red in it, and you still capture my heart just as much you did on the day you were born.

When you smile you smile not only with your mouth, but with your eyes.  You have the most amazing eyes ever.  They are blue, with a hint of green and golden yellow in the center.  I say it's the sun in your eyes just like the song says "look for the girl with the sun in her eyes..."  We couldn't have picked a better name for you.

I can tell all ready that you love music.  Anytime you hear music you bob your little head from side to side, and scoot on your bottom.  I'm certain that once you start walking you will be dancing shortly thereafter.

You are a little cuddlebug.  When I pick you up you grab my face and give me big smooches on my cheek.  I absolutely adore my kisses from Lucy.  (Daddy says you are a daddy's girl, but deep inside he knows you are a momma's girl ;) 

You are smart, and you are mischievous.  You can catch my eye from across the room and smile at me when you know you are getting into something you shouldn't. That tells us that you are definitely one of US.   You are curious.  I can tell all ready that behind those blue green eyes there are deep thoughts full of curiosity. 

You love your brother and sisters.  You want to be wherever they are, doing whatever they are doing.  You follow them wherever they go.  You love to laugh just like the rest of our family does.

You are totally attached to your bottle, and I'm in no rush to take it away from you.  After all, you are my youngest little baby.  You have the sweetest disposition unless you want something and then you will go to all lengths to get it (usually a screaming fit).  I give into you more than I should because I know you are my last little baby.  I've spoiled you a bit, but that is ok, because you are only little for such a short time.  In a blink of the eye you will be all grown up and I'll wonder where the years have gone.

God knew how to make you just perfect.  I could have never guessed exactly what you would be like. Before you were born I could only guess, but God knew.  He knew exactly what Lucy would be like before you even existed in my mind. I still don't know what changes will come in the next year but I love watching you grow, learn and watch your personality come out more and more each day. 

For now, I just enjoy you exactly as you are.  You are my silly little Lucy, and today you are one!

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