Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My funny little girls

I was downstairs enjoying a nice quiet afternoon of reading while my two little girls were down for a nap.  Lucy had only been down for an hour when I heard the faint sound of a xylophone playing from upstairs.

I quickly dropped my book and ran upstairs wanting to quiet Evie from waking up her little sister.  To my surprise I found Evie's bed completely abandoned and Lucy was happily in her crib playing with the xylophone (which I can only assume her sister gave her).  It was a really cute sight.

So I grabbed Lucy (and the xylophone) and went looking for Evie, whom I found in my room.  I said to her "what are you doing in here?"

To that she replied "I was scratching my butt Mom."

You couldn't have asked for a more honest answer than that.  My only response to a statement like that of course would be "alright then sweetie, let's go wash your hands..."


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