Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Pinterest Dream Kitchen

Today marks my SECOND Pinterest Wednesday.

Today rather than share my favorite pin's of the week, I'm going to be daydreaming a bit with you about my vision for my kitchen.

*Disclaimer.  I do a LOT of daydreaming. (a.k.a. pinning things that I may never actually accomplish)

**Disclaimer TWO* This vision is subject to change within six months with or without warning.

I say that because six months ago my vision for my kitchen was dark floors, white cabinets, faux dark beams across the ceiling.  I called it "modern farmhouse".

img from

While I still think that this is gorgeous my husband wasn't extremely fond of this idea.  (Yes, ladies it is their house too.)  He likes the idea of darker cabinets, which I don't mind either, but the thought of re-staining my cabinets was a daunting task.  I learned during my bathroom renovation that staining cabinets is a LOT of work.  MUCH harder than painting.

So I started thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets black.  Yes.  I said black.  For better words lets call it espresso (sounds fancier doesn't it?).

So I started searching images and came up with some ideas.

You can call it French country or European country.  Here is my vision.

image from Rustic Woodworks, Inc. pinned here

I'm really starting to LOVE LOVE LOVE rustic looking wide plank floors in a walnut color.  Since I have pets if I went dark you would see every scratch and nick, every single bit of dog hair.  If I go more rustic I think it would eliminate a TON of stress for me.  Of course my taste is expensive.  Siiiighh.

I'd LOVE to do something like this for my range hood:

img from pinned here

And NOTHING goes better with a French country theme than copper.  Who would have thought that I would start to LOVE copper?

Image pinned here

Image Pinned Here

Doesn't that copper with the distressed black just scream French country?  Ahhh.  I love it.

Img from pinned here

Of course what TOTALLY freaks me out is that my tastes change like every few months, and when you are doing something like a kitchen, well, you are gonna have to LOVE it for a LONG LONG time.   We are a LONG way away from a kitchen redo, so I have time to really think about this.  In the meantime though I'm gonna keep pinning away ideas for my dream kitchen.

img pinned here

To follow my board "kitchen ideas" you can see it here on Pinterest

Today I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple "Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday".

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