Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday

I skipped last weeks Pinterest Wednesday for several reasons.

1. I've been completely and totally exhausted lately. Like no motivation to do a single thing.

2. I'm fairly certain nobody actually reads these posts. (mainly because I fear they are too boring to actually post to my Twitter and FB feeds so I never post them....)

3. I don't know if it's just me, but Pinterest has been a bit slow for me the past few weeks. I've only pinned a couple really great things per week. Frankly I don't have a whole lot to share right now.

So, why do I do it? Boredom I suppose. Also it forces me to write when I have nothing to actually write about.

Oh, I could rant on and on about this weeks potty training woes, or staying up till almost 11:00 last night to put together my girls bunk beds, or how I've completely and totally procrastinated on my entryway bench, but actually those things were so exhausting on their own, the mere thought of writing about them makes my head hurt.

Sigh. So let's just look at pretty things together on Pinterest shall we?

When I look at the next photo all I can hear is Jack from Will and Grace saying "It's SINFULLY delicious."  I don't want to even know how many calories are in them.  Probably ALL of them.

Img from Williams

This next post really got me thinking about the scale, how I eat and how I work out.  I know some changes are coming in my future....Seriously read this gals story at Nerd Fitness.  It's pretty awesome how she stopped being a slave to her scale, and how she looked better at 140 pounds than she ever did at 117.

img from Nerd Fitness

Oh please oh please can summer get here all ready?  As much as I love my boots I'm so over big bulky sweaters and jackets this season.

pinned by Lagu on Polyvore.

I don't want the kitchen desk, but I'm wanting to build a desk in my den with white on the bottom and a reclaimed wood look on the top.  This gave me some inspiration.

Pinned by SuddenlySara via

And now for some funny:

Pinned by Marianne Thompson here

This next one had me giggling for a while:

Pinned by Marianne Thompson here

And for the Harry Potter fans out there.  This one is great:

Pinned here by Cortoooo

Once again this week I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple "Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday".


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  1. Julie, your posts are NEVER boring! I love and do read them and YOU are an inpiration to alot of people in what you DO accomplish and the energy it takes to do the seeminly endless projects you have. God has blessed you with a beautiful family and its a blessing to me that you share them with us.

    Linda Malone
    PS: It was good to see and have your Dad at our church last week too! Another of God's blessings.

    1. Thanks Linda! Dad told me about him preaching at your church and how great it was to see you guys! Glad you enjoy the blog.

  2. Well, I for one read your post! I found you through Oh, How Pinteresting. :)

    I love diet success stories! I really need to check out that girl's story.

    Do stop by and say hello!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

    1. Ha! I'll check it out Cindy. I just don't get too many hits off these Pinterest Wednesday posts! That's why I wondered why I keep writing them...oh well sometimes it gives me inspiration. Thanks for stopping by!


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