Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boys seldom make passes at girls who have glasses...

I knew this, even in third grade.  The nurse looked at me after the screening and said "Julie, I'm sorry sweetie but you will need glasses."  I ran out on the playground in a tear streaked panic and sat there and cried and cried.  My life was over, I was forever now going to be a four-eyed-freak.

Somewhere between then and now, glasses became cool and trendy.  If I could have only been a kid in this generation maybe I wouldn't be so scarred from that moment.  Thus, the reason that my son has ALWAYS wanted glasses, because he wanted to be cool (or a super-hero like Peter Parker or Superman, like it was his alter ego or something).  With him, you can't really tell.  So, a few weeks ago (right after he passed his vision screening I may add) when he started to complain about blurry vision, I wasn't buying it one bit.  

A week passed and we started getting notes from the teacher "Brett is complaining about his eyes."  A few days later "Brett is REALLY complaining about his eyes".  (Side note - Brett's best friend JUST got glasses as well).  So I figured with these concerned "notes" coming home that I better fork over the $89 for the exam and take him in.

After two hours of waiting room hell with a two year old, it is determined that he indeed needs glasses.  He has inherited the doomed Jennings astigmatism.   I decided to take him to Eyemart for the frames, because frankly I don't feel like paying $300 for frames and lenses at this eye doctor.

Monday morning we take him in.  He gets his glasses, which they talk me into adult frames because of his "wide face" (us in the family like to call this a big head...we are not so nice as the eye doctor).  The glasses look positively HUGE on him.  I question it, but the fitter insists that the kids glasses will dig into his temples.

A day passes and he breaks them (mainly because they keep falling off his face).  The nose piece broke off, so back to Eyemart we go, fixing it.  Then Friday, he takes them off and the dog chews two puncture holes in the lens.  This is nuts.  They have been falling off his face all week and I've had it.

We go back into Eyemart AGAIN yesterday.  Get him some kid glasses (which they gladly replace for us at no charge), and off we go.  These stay on his face much better (we will still have an issue until the kid grows some kind of a bridge on his nose), but they are MUCH better.  Also, these are a bit cooler looking frames.

Hopefully I've visited Eyemart for the last time in a while, but I'm guessing not.  Thank goodness I purchased the $20 warranty.  I've made that back within the first week all ready! 

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