Saturday, May 23, 2009

Girls Weekend

So, my hubby, brother in law and my son packed up yesterday and went on a backpacking / camping trip in Tahlina, OK, which he has been VERY excited about all week long.  He asked me "you sure you don't want to go?".  No thanks, I'll be fine here with my air conditioning, soft mattress, meals that ARE NOT freeze dried, and water I don't have to filter in order to drink.

So, this was just a girls weekend.  Myah was excited because she has been begging for a girls weekend.  So, we started the afternoon off with a little nap, then off to Cici's for pizza, then a stop by Braums to get some ice cream for the evening.  We came home and did some make up while my dog almost hung himself (not kidding here, he got himself noosed around the staircase.  If I had gone downstairs 1 minute later the dog would have been dead.  My wood on my staircase now has claw marks embedded on it and the poor dog peed and pooped was REALLY sad, poor doggie).

Anyhow, after I saved our dogs life for the millionth time (not kidding I can devote a whole blog to just this dog), I came back upstairs and taught Myah how to shave her legs (wow, she is growing up SO fast I can't believe it).  Talk about a girlie weekend.

We then stuffed ourselves on ice cream while watching girlie movies.

We got up this morning early to try and make it to Old Navy by 9am when they opened for their $1 flip flop sale.  We made it there around 9:15.  I saw my cousin coming out of the store and I yelled out my window and waved.  I'm not used to doing stuff like this, I usually avoid the crowds, but I thought it would be a neat experience.  We parked at THE VERY BACK of the parking lot and walked in.  I immediately regretted not bringing in the stroller.  The store was wall to wall people.  It took us about 20 minutes to find our colors and sizes then we went for the line.  The line wrapped around the back of the store, then circled back around half way to the front it was so long.  I was beginning to wonder if it was worth it, but I was in too deep to back down now.  I was sweating bullets and holding a two year old (and I'm pregnant).  While I was in line I sent Myah to the front of the store to wait for someone to check out that had a cart and bring it to me so I could deposit Evie into the cart.  The line took about 30 minutes which wasn't bad considering there were nearly 500 people in line (I'm NOT kidding).  Myah and I each got 5 pairs of flip flops and we headed out of the store at about 10:05.

We then headed to the mall for some shopping.  I picked up some beach balls at Disney store that were 40% off, and books at Borders were buy one get one free on some, and discounted books on others, so I got some good deals at the mall!  We then headed to Snip-It's to get Evie a haircut.  She looked so cute with a little bow and sparkles in her hair when she was all done!  Then I dropped Myah off at a birthday party and it was 2pm so I stopped by Sonic for half price drinks at happy hour!

Hubby sent me a photo text of Brett wading in the lake.  I talked to him for a minute before his phone cut out.  They were wading in a creek looking for bugs.  I think I got the better end of the deal as far as weekends go!  I'll take my girlie weekend!

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  1. okay - love how you started the whole girls weekend off with a nap! :) sounds like you had a great weekend, except the whole attempted dog suicide.


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