Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If I end up in the looney bin it's YOUR fault

That is my statement to my SUPPOSEDLY loving husband, whom has been "messing" with my head for several months.  So if I end up committed it is HIS fault.

We have a hospital nearby our home, and I drive by it nearly every day.  There is a cross on top of the hospital that gives the illusion of movement, however while driving by you can't really tell if it is moving or if it is an optical illusion (because it's right by a freeway that goes 70 MPH).  I used to be certain it did move until one night we were parked by the lake and I could see the hospital at night and the cross NEVER moved an inch.  This is when I started to question myself.

I have gone on and on about this thing daily for the past year, and state that I'm going to take a lawn chair and park on the lawn in front of the hospital to PROVE once and for all that the cross does indeed move.  My husband would always tell me "you are crazy the thing does not move".

Well, last week as I drove by it the cross was facing west, but when I came home it was facing north!  I was SURE now that it does move.  This was proven.  I tell this to my husband that and he again tells me I'm totally off my rocker, and that it DOES NOT move.  We argue a bit but get nowhere.

Anyhow, last night we took the access road the entire way instead of the turnpike (trying to save money and not eat up our Pikepass unless we are in a hurry).  Well, the access road has stop lights, and I'm not driving so this gave me a perfect opportunity to truly LOOK at the cross on the building.  It moved.  I saw it move and there was no doubt it was rotating.

Jamin begins to laugh hysterically.  He said "From your hospital room when you had Evie I had a perfect view of the shadow of the cross."  He paused a moment to let this sink in "The shadow moved".  I felt like slapping him.

This he says was his little way of telling me not to doubt myself when I know something is true.  I say its a way to make your wife think she is absolutely crazy.  Thanks babe.


  1. you weren't crazy and although you know it as a fact, i will say it does move. i don't think does all the time, but it DOES move.


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