Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls Weekend

I started writing this post several weeks ago and never got around to finishing it, however I feel that it deserves to be finished so here goes...

So my son and my hubby took off this weekend on a boys backpacking trip in the Ouachita Mountains, so it's just me and my girls this weekend.  I've been sick for the past three days and so are the two youngest, so we've pretty much just been laying in bed watching girlie movies and eating junk food.  Pretty much doing the same thing we'd be doing if we were not sick!

I really have some great kids, I mean REALLY they are truly the best, but right now I just want to talk about my oldest.  I know I spend a LOT of time on here going on and on about all the silly and cute things my kids do, but I don't spend enough time on here talking about just how wonderful they are, and my oldest truly is wonderful.  She constantly helps me with the little girls and the housework.  She loves to cook and help me out in the kitchen.  She loves girly movies and shows about fashion (she's the only one who actually enjoys watching "What Not To Wear" and "Say Yes To The Dress" with me).

She is turning into quite the young lady.  I love to do her  hair, her nails, her make up.  I love to be able to teach her all the fun things about becoming a lady.  I love watching girly movies with her.

I love her freckles, and how her face lights up when she smiles (and not the I'm smiling for a photo smile, but the REAL smile).  She has always had such a sweet loving spirit about her.  She is a giver.

The other day my memory flashed back to when she was around 5-6 years old.  She is on a video coming up to me giving me flowers she picked.  She says in her sweet baby voice "mommy I picked these for you."  I started bawling.  She is NOT a baby any more, she is a young lady, and she is gorgeous, and I am so very proud of her.  I'm so fortunate to be her mother, and I'm so fortunate to have a good relationship with her.  I pray it stays that way over the upcoming "teen" years.  I pray also that I can be a nurturing Godly mother to her, and give her everything she needs, but not everything she wants.

I love my kids with all my heart and everything that is in me (all four of them).  When I had my first and got pregnant with my second I wondered how I could possibly love another as much as I love the first, but your heart grows and makes double the space for that second one, and you love them just as much as the first, and so on and so on.  I thank the Lord for each one of my children, my son and my three beautiful girls.

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