Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Renaissance Fair

Ah, spring has sprung and thus our families outdoor adventures begin.

Let me start by saying I'm not very good at spontaneity.  I usually need at LEAST a days advance notice to do any sort of outing.  However I'm TRYING to be less of a whiney brat more adventurous when it comes to doing things spur of the moment.

This morning before church, my husband suggested that we go to the renaissance fair down in Norman.  To his surprise I said sure.  I quickly put together enough food and bottles to quickly get us through the afternoon and evening and we were off.

After church we ran through McDonalds drive through for a quick bite, then we headed south to Norman.  We got there and found free parking.  Three people pulled in directly behind us, oh well, we would have to worry about HOW to get out of the place later.  As soon as we were trying to get the little ones in the double stroller we noticed our 7 month old had a massive diaper explosion.  I only have the tiny travel wipes and in my expedited packing I had forgot to bring extra clothes for Lucy.  All I had was a little onesie.  Problem is it was 50 degrees outside.  I manage to salvage the socks from getting any mess on them, I put her in the onesie and found one of Evie's shirts and wrapped her in it as a second layer, then covered her in a thick blanket.  Crisis solved.

Now after our 30 minute poop clean up, we were off to the festival.  I readily admit that I'm a nerd.  I would love to go to comic con, I love sci-fi and all things nerdy.  I draw the line though at dressing up for the renaissance fair.  There are certain extremes that I refuse to go to.  I think I saw more nerds in one place today than I have seen in my entire lifetime combined.  (Sadly I admit that I was eyeing a few of the dresses that have corsets attached to them by the end of the day though some of them were REALLY beautiful....)

My son scored a really cool boomerang, and we got Evie a ribbon that she likes to "ribbon dance" with.  I got to watch my family eat two giant turkey legs (I tried a bite but it was too greasy for my liking).  Myah paid to jump on a bungee cord trampoline thing.  Problem is it was about a 45 minute wait.  By this time both girls were exhausted and in total meltdown mode.  Daddy graciously took the girls to the car while I waited it out with Myah.  After a long afternoon both little ones fell asleep in the car.   Problem with this is Evie hadn't gone to the restroom and ended up peeing in her car seat...

Sigh.  I've had quite enough pee and poop drama for the day and my feet are throbbing.  I'm so glad to be at home in my sweats knowing I have a Papa Murphy's ready to go pop in the oven whenever I so desire!

Next time my husband wants me to be spontaneous, I need to let him know I need at least a three days notice.

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