Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sad Sickly Bunch

Here at our household we have been a sad sickly bunch this week.  I guess that is just par for the course when you have such a large family, one person gets sick and just passes it along to everyone else in the family.

Last Sunday my hubby came down with this nasty stomach virus that has been going around.  I just KNEW everyone in the house would get it because frankly that stuff is just extremely contagious.

Thursday rolls around and I figured that since nobody else had gotten sick that we were home free.

I was wrong.

Thursday some flu virus hit me, however it wasn't the stomach bug, it was the fever, chills, stuffy nose, sore throat kind of fever.  I went to school that day (only because I had a midterm to take) came home and spent the rest of the day in bed.   Friday I woke up feeling slightly better which is good because hubby and the son were headed off for a weekend backpacking trip.  Problem is that the two little girls were snotty and gross.  My 2 year old came to me pitifully that morning and said "mommy, I have yuckies in my nose just like you."

So sad.  Well, so since none of us were feeling well we just sat around and watched girlie movies and ate junk food (pretty much did the same thing we would have done if we hadn't have been sick).

Yesterday Lucy the littlest was getting really fussy, she didn't seem to want to eat and was just really cranky.  I had taken her to a well check a week ago and the doc said there was a little fluid in her ears, so he called her in a prescription to have in case we needed it.  He said not to give it to her though unless I thought she needed it (no need to give antibiotics if she can fight it on her own).  Yesterday I figured that she may need the antibiotic after all, so I went and had it filled.  She went down to bed around 7pm refusing a bottle.

Around 10pm my oldest and I were enjoying the ridiculous movie "Kate and Leopold"  (don't judge me) when I heard Lucy start to whimper in her crib.  I went in there to get her and realized she was throwing up all over the place.  I quickly grabbed her and turned her over so she wouldn't gag, and brought her over the toilet in our room.  It took me two seconds to realize that something wasn't quite right, she was white as a sheet and a bluish/green color and her eyes were dialated all strangely, and I realized she wasn't breathing right.  I immediately called 911.

By the time the ambulance got here she was breathing more normal, but was still really pale.  They checked her vitals though and all seemed fine.  Color finally started returning to her cheeks.  They asked me if I wanted to have them take her in and I decided not to, that if I needed to go I'd take her on my own.  I think she was just pale from a stomach bug and from throwing up.  I may have over-reacted, however you can't be too careful because she is so little!

I let her sleep in my bed all night and she didn't throw up again.  My mother in law came up to my house to be here in case I decided to take her to the hospital.  By the next day Lucy was eating, laughing, and playing and doing just fine.  That was a HUGE relief.

My two year old threw up yesterday, and my poor nephew who came to visit for spring break wasn't feeling well either yesterday.  I think I totally ruined his spring break by getting him sick.  I feel horrible. My son started feeling yicky last night and I'm still not 100% better.  I'm not sure WHAT this thing is that we all have but it's pretty darn nasty!  Hopefully it will be over soon!

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