Saturday, January 31, 2009

Help a Vet

Today panhandlers were out in droves, I think it is because the snow and ice has thawed and it is a gorgeous 70 degrees here in OKC.  Now, I have mixed feelings about these people, part of me wants to help if they TRULY need help, but part of me has seen the exposes on the news that show them making more than my husband and I do annually from panhandling.  

My son is now a very good reader, so he can read the signs these people have.  He saw one today that said "Help a vet, please help."  My son starts pleading with me to stop and help this man (he is a very tenderhearted little fellow).  I try to explain in first grader terms that if I had food or something I'd give it, but I NEVER give money.  That is my rule.  I then tried to reason with my son about how people can always find a job.   Even if you had to work at McDonalds.

My son then looked at me and said ,"Mom he doesn't WANT to work at McDonalds.  He wants to be a Vet."

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