Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Crazy Family

I adore my family.  Seriously.  We are all totally individual and unique (and nuts I may add) in our own ways, but God seems to somehow make us all fit together so perfectly.

My husband and I were talking last night about the baby that we are expecting in August (if it will be a boy or a girl), and what this child could be like, but my husband pointed out one realization, whatever personality it may have, it will fit perfectly in our family as God designed him or her to be.  We then started talking about our children and how unique and special they are.

Let's say that we had a formula, that we could input that would give our child all the personality traits that we wanted them to have, all the characteristics that make them unique.  We couldn't even imagine or make something as wonderful as what God can come up with.  

My oldest daughter, Myah is the perfect oldest child.  She is loving and caring enough to be the older sibling that the others need.  I love that her and I are close, and can share things.  I love that she is a bit of tomboy and a bit of girly girl all wrapped up into one.  I love the fact that she acts mopey all the time, but we all know that it's just an act to get attention.  She is my drama queen.  I love the silly things about her.  She is so book smart (seriously the girl is SUPER smart and can read like crazy), but she can't spell to save her life.  That doesn't bother her though.  The other day she was arguing with her younger brother.  She said "Brett you are a liar L-I-E-R.  Brett not missing a beat says "you spelled it wrong".  She totally got schooled by her younger brother but it didn't bother her.  She shrugged it off and kinda thought it was funny.  She loves to sing.  She has a big heart and when it hurts, it hurts bad.  She loves art and can draw great.  She loves to make things for others, it makes her happy.  She is a giver.  She also has a great bullshit meter thanks to her father, and gullible is not one of her personality traits.

My second born (aka my strong willed child) Brett has been our challenge.  He is so tough, and wild, but once you get past that there is this ginormous heart inside that is so tender and sweet.  He LOVES movies.  He is so imaginative I think he will be my Stephen Speilburg when he grows up.   He brings out so much emotion in you because he is so dynamic.  Nobody can make me laugh like him, and nobody can make me as angry as he does sometimes.  He is a crazy nutty kid (just like the rest of us).  He is smart as a whip.  This is the child who learned how to pester his sister at 6 months old.  Not kidding.  He can read like crazy as well.  He also just has this wit about him.  He picks up on things that are funny, and knows how to hold an audience.

Evie our youngest has brought a whole new dynamic into our household.  She is our little tornado.  I can tell all ready that she is going to have an incredible sense of humor.  She laughs at things kids her age don't normally "get".  She is super smart as well (she knows that she can turn off the power strip to get mommy off the computer).  She loves to eat.  She is 20 pounds, eats all day and never gets full, possibly because she spends all that energy destroying the house (thus why I have changed my job title to supervisor of domestic damage control).  She is basically the Taz in human form.

My husband and I wonder what the next will be like.  We know one thing, most likely nuts like the rest of us, but absolutely perfect in every way.

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  1. I love that you took the time to describe all three children! I enjoyed reading this :) Love you guys!


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